Am Rads.

Another blogger with one too many facets that I think are too cool to not share with the world.

I write about whatever catches my fancy at – Tunneling Thru’ –    Started off in 2005 in Blogger, then WordPress and since a couple of years here at my own space.  I like what I write here. This has been my safe haven and a comfort for many days and years and events that happen(ed) in my life. This is probably the most Ive vested in, after my children.

Then there is a small collection of fictional (skewed from the norm and heavy on pathos and other shadowed emotions) at Ces Mots 

Am also a picture-crazy trigger-happy person and I like to put up certain pictures I click and have something to say on, apart from what it speaks for itself. Modest Nikon d60 user who’s just begun to take herself a little more seriously. I love the camera and what my eyes see through it. There’s a collection on my photo blog here, where I combine my love for both writing and the picture. Then there is the Flickr collection  and also a very incomplete public album sets on Facebook 

Also bitten by the camera on the iPhone, and so the collection on Instagram is here.

I have been freelancing awhile now and am taking it to the next step and putting it out here on the blog as well. I am available to write guest posts and reviews and similar writing assignments. Please note that I will accept only assignments that I feel are in tune with my principles and not all that come my way have been accepted before or will.

Just a disclaimer :)

Contact me for further conversation via email: rads.kowthasATgmail.com or just use the contact form here.

Social Media:

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Updated July 2011

Am all of the below, more of a few and less of some other few, and then I’ve added on a few and that’s how we grow.  Was away for the longest time, and it scared me recently that perhaps I would have lost this part of me, and maybe I have to an extent, but am holding on to what I own and have, and so back here.

If you do want to read me, start with the tags or Pages – Funnies, and then Life.

Here’s a comprehensive link guide to all things Rads on the internet.


It is always a pleasure to hear back, so make your presence felt. You do matter. Everyone does.


3rd September 2007

A mommy, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a good friend, a safe confidant, an entertainer, a kid at heart, a dancer, a nut occasionally, a sleuth, a chatterbox, a busybee, an artist, a designer, a fighter, an occasional nerd, a curious cat, a ranter, a planner, a manager, a fashionista on demand, a chef, a muse, an enthusiast, a gigglepot, a girl, a healer, a zealot, an admirer, a reader, spontaneous, high-spirited, sensual, passionate.

Simply put, your average woman.

I'd love to hear what you have to say, do write back!

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