25 days

I sorta lost count now, but am guessing it’s 25 days and I didn’t write last evening.

My sinuses are this short of killing me. Eyes burn, head weighs a ton, my throat is on fire and my cheeks hurt even to munchkin’s touch. Surely not a fun time. Its been progressively getting worse (heh @ language) and today afternoon I had the chills and this tiem not due to the cold draft from the glass windows I sit next to.

In any case, I managed to maintain a semblance of a diet through the two days. Maintained lower carbs, eate at least 3 different fruit a day, ate oatmeal in various forms and managed 7 glasses of water. I drink water not to fill, but because I really do want to keep me hydrated. It can get very dry here and I was always the odd one out in the family. Mom, dad and sister guzzle water like they are storing water for the drought that Madras once suffered. So since I was making a visible conscious change in my lifestyle figured I’d do that too. It’s become a habit now, I each for the water even without me realizing. It’s good, I see differences and I like them differences.

Yesterday was hard. With my headache and blocked nose, I came home to do a pickup stay and drop son up and down Viola class. Made some asian noodles for the older kids in record 20 minutes, dressed the munchkin up in record 7 minutes in her fancy pretty dress, stockings, lipstick (which she thoroughly enjoyed!) fed her a chocolate pudding cup, packed snacks, got directions, stuffed her into a jacket, managed to remember to take my book and a v8 and drove in crazy traffic a distance of 12 miles in 50 minutes. Downtown traffic is something else. This was for her dress rehearsal for teh Nutcracker ballet she performs this Sat. Landed there at 6.10 and was shooed out at 6.30 to the lobby. The knee had swollen considerably and the pain has gotten to the point that am not enjoying it anymore. It feels like I have a water laden driftwood attached to me as I walk. It is taking supreme effort to not use it as an excuse and whine in a corner.

It was 27 outside with some icy rain and that pretty much threw out all hopes of walking in a circle around the campus which would have sufficed well for some exercise. So I sat and read a book. She got out at 7.30 and we drove home in the insane rain and landed at 8.15. A bit starved, but all I saw was rice and sambar on the table. Tired and feeling lousy within, I shutup and ate what I could manage and finished the cup of rice with some milk. The weekend and last week have been crazy at home differently and our usual smooth schedule’s a bit off. Groceries have been bare skeletal supplies.

Popped a sinus medicine and went to bed. Woke up even more miserable and late and came this close to calling in sick.

Today’s been better as far as diet is concerned and I came home after the piano drop and pick up and managed to do groceries within the 50 minutes of the drop and pickup. After dropping daughter and groceries home, I pushed myself and went to the gym. Did the usual 20 minutes bike, 10 minutes ellipse and weights. Had a couple of rotis with curry and will wrap up with a glass of milk. My hunger levels have decreased considerably, tho’ am not exactly tired, or hungry or weak. Perhaps the body has gotten used to it already.

The knee is stiff. I am sick of it not getting better. It just isn’t fair, and am a little tired. Mentally.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Hopefully, if I the sinuses spare me and dry out. If not, well, I am just going to have to deal with them now aren’t I?

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  1. Oh no…Take care, don’t push yourself on the diet now when you would need nice hot noursishment..I don’t like to eat fruits when I have a cold at all ( and err in the Madras winter!)..why don’t you drink some soup, rasam rice perhaps? A delay of a week in losing a couple of pounds really wont hurt..

  2. says: rads

    nandini: Oh yes, I spice up the couscous. Getting ideas on eating, we get enough from our food blogs around, right!? 😀
    Just need to start feeling a lil better.

    Schmmeterling: Thanks 🙂

    GDS: Yea, am not hugely hung up on the weight loss. It will happen as it should, just feeling rotten abt this heavy head 🙂
    You complaining of madras winter eh? :p

    Gayathri: I might do that tonight. I usually stay away from milk products for cold.

  3. says: mlc

    wantd to share something tt i heard and strongly believe … (told by an expert aerobics instructr) .. NEVER excrcise if yr body is nt nrml and tt means evn a cold, coz the immune system is dwn & it WILL make u worse! and looks like u had big time sinus … i think u shd keep off the gym till u feel “nrml” again…

  4. says: rads

    shekys: ah, not really. I like the cold weather, I just don’t like the sinuses inflamed.

    mlc: yeah, I am sure there’s some truth to it. Cold’s the worst offender, but figured I should get to it before it gets any worse, as it is today. :

    Thanks 🙂

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