darjeeling limited – casting call….

I got an interesting call last evening. As I run a South-Asian boutique, I get a lot of business mails, calls, and sometimes they edge on presumptuous, strange and completely absurd. This one was different and caught me completely by surprise.

It was a casting company asking for a recommendation and /or if I could put up a flyer for them looking for a south-asian woman who’d be interested in playing a role in an upcoming hollywood movie. That perked my ears up!

Hollywood!? Did you say Hollywood?! YESSS, it’s Hollywood.. not Bollywood, not Tollywood, but Hollywood as in Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson hollywood!

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Apparently these 2 buddies have gotten together to come up with this movie where Owen, Adrian Brody [of Pianist fame] and Jason are playing brothers on a spriritual journey in India. That’s where Darjeeling comes in. Ive googled and did my basic research, and looks like this is quite genuine.

The casting company is looking for some SA [read: brown, macaca, desi 😉 ] to play the role of RITA – a stewardess on a train. So if there is any intelligent articulate young lady interested in trying out for a role on the big screen, please send your snapshot and contact info to Cindy – dlcasting@gmail.com – mention KB please.

Feel free to forward this to anyone remotely interested in any way 🙂

Have a good Labor Day weekend all!

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11 replies on “darjeeling limited – casting call….”
  1. says: rads

    DD – pay is such a gray area! As long as the value stays the same, I mean, $/rs – it’s all paper 😉

    archana – yep! 🙂

  2. says: cydonian

    All I can say is this. Having stewardesses on Indian trains is as unimaginable as having mo’fu*kin’ snakes on a mo’fu*kin’ plane.

    Which is to say, I look forward to the movie!

  3. says: Metlin

    Hey, come on now.

    I’m sure Palace on Wheels probably has Indian stewardesses. =)

    But it does seem interesting!

  4. says: indianangel

    hey! looks like you might even canvas for people to act in that movie! Thanks for sharing this info and btw ur post on richness and rocks was good!

  5. says: rads

    cyd & met – :))
    I am hoping it will take off at all at some point in time.

    rashmi – thanks, but other than being a conduit, I am also waiting to see what happens with the movie.

    ia – Ive sent the info out to a couple of girls who do some acting locally, so maybe they stand a chance. We’ll see. Thanks! 🙂

  6. says: Anonymous

    anyone get called in for an audition? Curious to know who has been cast if anyone. It is mid october and they will shoot in December. they had to make final selections by now, no?

  7. says: kabini

    Rads – Did you get to watch the movie? I vividly remember Rita, and I hope it wasn’t someone you referred 😉

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