Most of my regular readers know me as the 3-kid mom. There is even a delightful little post on the comic relief that comes with being a mom of three kids. An Indian mom of three kids.

That said, am the proudest as a mom. Not only because I (including the husband of course) made them, but also of how they’ve turned out, and this despite me (us). I started this blog when my littlest one was 2 years old.

It’s 2015, and she turned 11 this year. My oldest is a 20 year old gorgeous, smart and responsible daughter, and is a Junior at college. My son is a handsome, brilliant and strongly independent 18 year old and a sophomore at college. My munchkin (as she is referred to here) is an amazing bundle of joy, with her wit, and impeccable drive and naive thought in all things she does on stage and off. Oh, she is a dancer too!

Our Zephie is our littlest baby though. A rescue I wanted for my milestone birthday, and am so glad she is part of our family now.

More about us and the kids below, and there is a lag between when I last wrote about them and now, but things will get filled as they happen. đŸ™‚

I grew up with them, and they taught me and my husband as much as Ive taught them, and what Ive learnt, I share below.

Welcome to our crazy family!