I pulled a


Hehe, Actually, yea, I think Carrie’s just about right…

Charlott’e s too cutesy for me, though I like her best, especially her elegant style of dressing. Funny I scored low, coz I so relate to the last couple of lines below! Yea, am a dodo like that at times…

Miranda’s a little off out there. She strikes me as conservative in the not independant way, and also seems like she’s always at the short end of things…

Samantha’s too brazen, but I like her pluck. I’d probably be more her pluckwise if I was born in a different era or maybe if I was 10 years younger. No wonder the parents thought I’d be better off married asap. *ok, I kid. But anyway, she’s funny as hell! rofl@the passage below, esp the drama part!

Alrighty girls, please try and post. Make this a tag yea? Especially if you’ve seen the movie or even watch the episodes on TV.

 Shmetterling, Pri, Gayathri, Archana, wickedT, Madhu, terri, Laksh, ChronicW, Sush and all the rest of you girls, take the quiz. It’s only 12 questions or so. Have some fun!

Sex and the City: The Four Women, the Four Elements:

Your results are based on the four Elements of Astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each Element has its own set of characteristics, and each of us displays some combination thereof, usually with a focus on one or two. Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte each personify one of the Elements and its basic traits. Which Elements most strongly influence you?

You scored 60% Carrie

Your answers peg you as a Carrie-type, much influenced by the Air Sign qualities associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Like confident Carrie, a sex columnist, you’re curious and perceptive, always seeking answers and never satisfied with the superficial. An Air Sign influence can lead to indecision and an avoidance of tough issues, like with Carrie and her on-again, off-again attachment to Mr. Big. Forward-thinking, incredibly intelligent and witty, you just exude quirky charm. You’d be utterly bored by someone who’s just a pretty face or hot body — though you don’t mind looking and flirting! You’re more turned on by an equally smart and funny mate, someone who challenges your mind and makes you laugh. You love to talk, so you need a good listener who’s open to playful and eccentric ideas about love and lovemaking.

You scored 20% Samantha

You identify with Samantha’s bold and liberated Fire Sign qualities, characteristics associated with the Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. You’re strong, audacious and larger than life — and you take what you want! Sometimes you can even be thoughtless and selfish, as you get so caught up in craving immediate gratification and excitement that you overlook someone’s feelings. Your personal style likely reflects your desires: sleek, low-cut, revealing just a bit more than might be considered acceptable. Watch that you’re not coming on too strong, though. You could scare potential suitors off with all your drama. If you seek so much attention, the more basic qualities of the Fire Signs could be burned right out of the picture. Show less skin or cleavage and more of your creativity, your vibrant leadership skills and courageous generosity!

You scored 10% Miranda
You chose many of the same answers that Earth Sign-like Miranda, the cynical but pragmatic lawyer, might have chosen. Just like Miranda’s had a tough time deciding whether to give in to the affections of Steve the Bartender, you don’t give your heart up to just anyone. Miranda shies away from a relationship with Steve because he’s ‘just’ a bartender, not something more conventionally ambitious or stable. Those with powerful Earth Sign qualities — characteristics associated with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn — are cautious in love and seek stability and status over nearly anything else. Earth Signs provide a steady, realistic attitude and they can bring order out of chaos. A little-known Earth Sign fact: Incredibly sensual, you seethe beneath that smart, expensive business suit of yours, yearning for intimacy but hesitant to give up your material needs, your career ambitions or your responsibilities for a passionate moment that might not turn out the way you’d hope.

You scored 10% CharlotteA romantic at heart, you chose the answers that demure Charlotte may have chosen. Strongly influenced by the intuitive, profound and sometimes naïve Water Signs — Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces — you’re like a mother, a mystery and a poet all in one. Though on the surface you may seem innocent and all about seeking the good in people, beneath the surface, you hide secret yearnings for intimacy, for attachment and ideal love. You’re seeking a knight in shining armor, a soul mate, someone who will complete you and tether you to the earth when you get carried away with your fantasies. You’re super-sensitive, soaking up the moods of others; you emote freely, crying at commercials and sappy movies. You also provide a shoulder to cry on and open arms for hugs. Be careful that you’re not so wide-eyed and trusting that you get taken in by some cunning wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  1. says: Madhu

    LOL… 40% Miranda, 30% Carrie, 30% Charlotte, 0% Samantha!
    Samantha is sure fun though!!! The Sushi scene is hillarious and then the phone rings….. LOL!

  2. says: A-kay

    Me too – 60% on Carrie, 30% Charlotte (surprise, since I thought I would be more Miranda), 10% Miranda and NO Samantha – mostly like how I thought I was except the % on C & M are reversed. Samantha is fun but just not ME 🙂

  3. Hi! Been away for a while. Well, I’m just back from Sex and the City, dragged there by the missus. Well, I quite enjoyed the movie, though I thought it could have been a lot wittier. I mean “Mexicoma”! Gimme a break! But the height of the evening for me was the abundance of middle aged men who had come there by themselves to watch the movie. We had 3 of these luckless guys in our row. I couldn’t help giving vent to my mirth whenever I saw these sad gents, lured to the movie presumably by the title (Bahut accha hoga. Sex hai. Sheher main sex! Aur Amreeki hai!) and then having to sit through three hours of prattle. I was giggling like a school girl all through the show.

  4. says: rads

    Naren: LOL! You did?! You do make a nice husband don’t ya? :p
    Out here, apparently it’s THE place to pick up dates.

    Adithya: Of course, need to un-earth those secret roles within ;-p
    Bing eh? hehe, he’s cute!

    Archana, A-Kay: I know, saw Looks like all of us have a “Carrie” within!

    madhu: You’re a Miranda? Really?
    Actually now that I think about it, yea, you could be a Miranda! Can’t believe you don’t have a Samantha in you.. bah :p

  5. says: wickedtaurus

    ahaha…here’s my SATC scores–40% Samantha, 30% Carrie, 20% Miranda and 10% Charlotte. 😀

    ps: can’t stand that sitcom esp horsie SJP! but this was fun and i can’t possibly say NO to Rads! 😉

  6. says: Laksh

    Here’s what I got:

    30% Miranda, 30% Carrie, 30% Charlotte and 10% Miranda. Guess am a pretty wholesome mix huh? 🙂

    Nice quiz. Quite enjoyed this one.

  7. says: rads

    Laksh: Being silly and unreal is always fun 😉

    WickedT: LOL, flattered dear girl! 🙂
    As long as you don’t think am the new mom with a stick in hand in town 😛

    IBH: welcome! lol@good girl. Yea, but see, we all have a little “bad” lurking in us. That’s the whole secret side 😉

    Mystic: Carrie again! Goody, am quite sure now, it’s all rigged to make Carrie come up often! Hmm..

  8. I thought I’d done ever SATC quiz out there- it’s weird that most of them told me I was Carrie, but this one tells me I’m 70% Samantha. Haha, I do think though that I could be a hearty Carrie-Samantha mix 🙂 Yay@reduced hours 🙂

  9. says: chronicworrier

    70% Carrie. Haven’t watched a single episode. Can’t stand Sarah JP.
    Oh, guess what clinched the Carrie stamp? (Hint- thinking about food all the time) 😉

  10. says: some body


    i thought you meant carrie heffernon (however that name is spelled) from king of queens. have no clue of the one you are referring to.

    – s.b.

  11. says: rads

    sb: ahh! We speak of the Carrie of Sex and the City 🙂 Also known as Sarah Jesica Parker.
    Poles apart me thinks both are …

    WickedT: LOL, sure thing. 🙂

    CW: lol, ah well, she’s all bones. I like the character just fine.

    Schmetterling: hehe, we are what we thing we are. 🙂

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