Simple Food Recipes

I am no chef. I am a mom with three kids and who by sheer force and drive learnt how to embrace the nutrition that comes with the food, so I wouldn’t fail miserably as a mom. I learnt about cooking just coz I had to feed the kids. Then I learnt some more coz I wanted to eat better and healthy. Then I learnt even more coz I wanted to take cute food pictures, blame IG. Then I learnt a little more and slightly differently too, coz I wanted something quick and nutritious as long tedious cooking was so not my style.

So, what you see below and the kind of recipes that would follow are ones that you can put together quickly or something that would work well if you have an impatient temperament, or perhaps you are cooking for one or two, or you are the rare visitor in your kitchen. Maybe there is something for all, but this is just a disclaimer that you aren’t going to find long stories and detailed teaspoon measures of how long what stays where.

They will be entertaining and useful though, so try on some and let me know? 🙂