I use google reader to go around blogs, news sites, and the various columns I read. It’s convenient for me to have it all in one place. Recently, I am becoming aware of the number of folks that read me. It’s flattering, and it’s confusing not to mention a bit unsettling as well, to imagine the unknown eyes that read what I dish here.  The fact remains that there are so many different ways by which a piece can be read and the reach is startling and quite far and wide for me to even begin to comprehend. 

Just so I get a perspective, could I please request ones who read this take a poll below? No need to comment and delurk if you choose not to, but just a small radio button check box click? *hpmff @ my picky readers and them pinging to correct me!* 

Thank you very much,



[polldaddy poll=1401321]


Just like you get a freebie once you take poll, elect or take a survey, this poll comes with one too! You’d be especially thrilled if you are a fan of Quiznos like me. 🙂 

For the time taken to fill this survey, here’s my thank you! 

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51 replies on “survey”
  1. says: Kama


    That’s kinda funny! I mean, I started reading your blog last week actually, and subscribed to it! Google Reader, I swear it works miracles! Oh, and I also use a Google homepage, and one of the features on it is my Google Reader!!

    (You must have noticed by now how much of a Google-freak I am!!)

  2. Wait … isn’t the free quiznos sub available without the poll 😛 and you get free sub only if you allow them to spam you.

    So you are rewarding us do you poll by spamming us … Tsk Tsk!

    1. says: rads

      Dude! Trust you to come up with this logic! *hitting head*

      Actually, the quiznos is unfair for folks in India. 😐 For everyone else, am sure we all own a spammers email don’t we? :p

    1. says: rads

      Me too. Favs include Panera’s mediterranean, and any kind of panini.
      Sadly tho’ Panera has reduced portion sizes and I can now gobble down a sandiwch (soup-sand combo) in exactly 4 bites. 😐

  3. says: Madhu

    Not a big fan of quizinos. Panera Bread is cool. The soups in the bread bowl are yummy! and yea another fav is stuff @ O’naturals 🙂

    There you go…

    1. says: rads

      No idea on O’Naturals, but I’d worry about all the fatty bread u eating at Panera!..but then again, you’re the one building the case against it! :p

  4. says: M

    Bloghopped for the first time from Laksh’s Musings. Then just found your blog interesting enough to visit often 🙂

    Bookmarked your blog under many blogs…guess it is time to subsribe to Google Reader as I use every other google product.

  5. says: Ashwin

    I read this blog via feeds and hop in to spam the comments section. 😀

    Why the options: Google reader, other RSS reader and Email? All this means the same: reading this blog thro’ RSS.

    One more thing you can do is to link directly to your ces mots site (Fables Header at top) instead of making people to click one more time.

    1. says: rads

      Well ashwin, I wanted to see the breakdown. My g reader said 99, so wanted to check. The experiment didn’t do much anyways, coz not all took the poll 🙂

      I don’t see the option to link directly to fables site in wp, or am I missing something? Clarify?

    1. says: rads

      Girl, pretend this reader is like your neighborhood gossip queen. You don’t go around asking what happened in each house and which housewife is eating what on the sly after her home is empty, or which teen is bunking classes and loafing on the beach rt?
      Yeah, so reader collects all these juicy bits and gives it to you on one platter. Whenever you get bored and need some stimulation, tap the reader, out will pour the news 😀

      In case you were seriously asking me, check google settings and products 🙂

  6. says: Sudharsan

    Delurking! Actually, havent been around a lot. Came across your blog just a couple of days back, but with recession and all, have plenty of time at work, so have read a lot. And its fantastic! Cheers!

  7. says: Ashwin

    rads – (ref. comment 13)
    You’ve created a WP page for every header at the top. Try to use the “Link” thingy and see. If it doesn’t work then I guess it can’t be done with Why don’t you go for Now is the time! Get or or etc.

  8. says: M

    I’m not the M who commented earlier – I delurked a while ago on your “height” post…

    And bloghopping works best for me..


    1. says: rads

      lol@not the M. Yes, I differentiate with your emails 🙂

      Suddenly, I know multiples of the same name and it is getting to be a challenge 😀

  9. says: Ramesh

    Participated in the poll.

    Read most of your recent posts, but
    commented only twice, I guess.

    I type in your URL; yes, the ancient way. I used to use Reader only for the technical blogs, essentially the only ones I WANT to read. However, it’s been a while I read a post on technology. Conversely, I hardly lived a day without reading the other(fun stuff) in the past some years, typing each one of those URLs (or by being a parasite on somebody’s blogroll).

    I now created a folder in Reader to house all ‘other’ blogs that I have been visiting more than the authors of those blogs.


    1. says: rads

      Hey Ramesh, I remember you. Wow, some memory eh, typing in URLs 🙂

      lol@visiting more than authors. I used to do that, till I discovered reader. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  10. says: Suman

    My apologies. I added you to my reader but was not courteous enough to de-lurk. Will comment going forward. Came her first through Laksh’s blog.

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