Week 1: Slow Carb Diet

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This is a quick post on how I fared this week. Is this week 1 progress or not? Pretty darn good progress I’d say! No, really, I am quite impressed with how I feel at the end of 6 days, and how I felt everyday and well, what my scale is telling me right now.

If you’ve just landed here and have no clue what am talking about, please check this post for the introduction and come back to read this one.

Also, I was randomly checking Pocket, and I fell upon this NPR article where they suggest Slow-Carbs and my jaw literally dropped on the coincidence – of course, they say use grains etc, which I will eventually add into the diet once I drop 30 pounds, but that was serendipitous! Down to the exact date! January 21st 2019!

WEEK 1 Progress REPORT

This is my food log, just listed as simply as possible. I didn’t bother with MyFitnessPal and count calories or worry about percentages of macros and how I break them and distribute my foods. Honestly, it’s a HUGE relief.

As you can tell, I skirted the rules a bit. I ate vegetables. Not a lot of cruciferous, like cabbage and broccoli, as suggested, but just vegetables. Low carb vegetables that I usually have in my refrigerator. I also ate lentils, and all kinds,. Moong and Urad are the two I consumed and I alternated them with Kidney beans and Chick peas. I stuck to almond milk, and i did eat a KIND bar a day. The latter is processed, but I felt guilty about not throwing some protein down my throat. I did stay away from dairy consistently tho, so am feeling good about that. So yes, this is Week 1 Progress alright!


Honestly? Pretty darn good!

Monday: I was starving by 10 am and I gobbled one KIND bar and also raided a colleague’s stash and gulped down a pack of nuts and raisins. Yep. I was starving, despite the 1 egg, 2 egg white omelet. No clue why. The whole afternoon and evening went that way, busy day, and I can easily say it was a washout.

Tuesday: I got hungry again by 11 am. I realize this is back to my old self days, when am the hungriest in the mornings. KIND bar was had and then came home and had soup and salad. Felt lighter, strangely, but I did feel full after dinner, as I forced myself to have more water.

Wednesday: Woke up and stood on the scale and I had lost 2.5 pounds. That was weird, but I’ll take it. Incredibly busy day. I changed it up and didn’t have any egg, but had a very heavy filling unfermented urad dal dosa. Only urad dal, no rice. It was filling, and I had a long day, so I got to eat a KIND bar at 12.30 and then a chipotle salad (no rice and no cheese) bowl at 1.30 pm with a friend. I came home stuffed and was not hungry one bit. Didn’t have a snack either, ate a bowl of chole and a bowl of salad at 7.30 and am feelin’ fiiiiinee!

Thursday:  It was a full day again and I overslept so didn’t get breakfast in. Had some coffee and ran for a meeting at 9.30, but I did eat a KIND bar and some cheese crackers. These Snyder’s Cheese crackers are amazing! Yes, they are processed, but as I said, am not restricting myself too much. I feel fine.In fact, I feel full.

Friday: Another busy day on feet and I managed to stay on track. Prepping salads ahead of time and also made spinach – masoor daal (lentils) and had it as a soup. Hunger is at bay. Was at a dance event and it was late and I ate 2 small slices of cheese, and skipped the fruit. In a parallel universe within my head, I believed cheese was ok to have. Sigh. It wasn’t.

All the foods that I have had thus far.

Saturday: CHEAT DAY

Woke up and weighed myself in and I was 2.5 pounds lighter. I wasn’t super excited to eat anything in particular, I tried, and wiled myself to want, but despite all the wishing and willing, I only forced myself to eat a Tres Leches at Guapos after a nice sizzling hot vegetable fajita and I couldn’t even finish it. So much for cheat day binging! I did eat some rice which felt good, but honestly, I think the cravings were at bay. Ive been low carb awhile, so I don’t suppose I wanted to eat lots and variety.

Thoughts To Add:

I am still working my way through the food part of the book, but the 29 page summary has become a go-to mostly. There aren’t many articles/posts/reviews of this kind of eating on the net, but so far, I believe this will not hurt me. I miss dairy for sure, but maybe once a week is enough. Gotta give up something for a while, and I honestly don’t miss rice, and didn’t really care for pasta much anyway.

I haven’t started on any supplements either, but I plan to add Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium starting in Week 2, that is Sunday. Yoga and walking in the water will continue into next week, and I’ll be adding some strength training at least twice a week. The gym’s got a couple classes I’d like to enroll in, so am going to try them out to see how my body reacts and adjusts.

The Big Leap from Keto:

If you are wondering how I could jump ship and go from extreme weighing and calculating grams and fat and calories, well, that’s exactly how one should do things, don’t you think? Know that you deserve better, and are continuously willing to push boundaries so you find the path to your goal.

Have faith, take a deep breath and just leap.

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