week 4 weigh-in

Alright, so it’s been four weeks of lofty declarations peppered with moments of insanity and this is where I stand.


So yes, I have lost the 1.6 lbs I gained over the last week and dropped a 0.2 more too. Now, with human error taken into consideration also, it does seem that I have lost at least a pound.

With respect to inches, there is a difference of 1 inch overall. Yay.

Dress Size:  Am down by a whole dress size.

Hearing me out patiently for the past one month a colleague remarked that I was treating my whole regimen and body as a science fair project! It dawned on me, that she couldn’t be more right! :)) I have the constants and the variables all jotted down and here I was making a whole elaborate graphic analyser out of my bones, fat and muscles.

So continuing on the analogy, realized happily, that it would work perfectly for the whole Tuesday morning measurement thing.

Constants: Tape measure, Digital weighing scale, Time and Day.

Variables: Everything else, including bones, fat, water, muscles, gym, weights, diet etc!

Rambodoc has a point on the whole error on what one has lost and how the weight difference can not be percieved as fat loss as opposed to water loss or just the body behaving differently under different circumstances. I am not saying I have the whole scenario down pat, but I have tried to keep the conditions under which I measure and weigh myself weekly as consistent as possible.

  • Monday night dinners is always at the same time, 6.30-7 pm. If I do go to the gym, then I come back and have a glass of milk/fruit.
  • I wake up, guzzle down water, wrap the morning necessaries, and just as I get ready to hit the shower I weigh and then measure myself on an empty stomach.
  • It’s the same tape and same scale through the weeks.
  • I have fortunately discovered moles, marks, scars at various places on my body that provide as markers for measurements. The said mark may not be at the exact definition of say where one’s hips, or waist is defined to be, but as long as it is within an inch or so around the area, it provides a constant point of measure over this period.

My diet has never really been heavy and I think I’ve beaten that line to death by now, but I cannot emphasize the slightest changes that I have consicously added on that surely seems to have made a difference I see now. Fortunately however, others see it too, and that probably accounts more for me going goo-goo ga-ga over myself. Only I can obviously feel the internal differences the past four weeks have brought me.

Sadly, the knee remains swollen and I have cut down my gym runs to now 4 times a week. HIIT, I was advised to do just 2-3 times a week, and I try to keep that frequency. Increased weights reps to thrice with every machine. Another significant difference I have made is to do weights before I do cardio. The effort levels are sweatable. A whole post need be dedicated on the after vs before and will get to it tomorrow.

Pilates exercises I maintain at home the few I remember, twisting and killing myself in the process that I can crack the munchkin up every single time. She sees me struggle with the  ‘plank‘  pose and effortlessly lifts herself up, while laying next to me! Talk about childish flexibility! being flexible as a child (bleah @my english!)

At this point, I of course am eating ambitious words I uttered Nov 25th or whereabouts, along with the oatmeal, fruits and veggies I chug down. But am I happy? Yessir!

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9 replies on “week 4 weigh-in”
  1. says: naren

    I’m following something called the ‘zone diet’ which seems to be working great! The idea is to

    1. Eat carbs in the form of vegetables and fruits and stuff that has a low glycaemic index

    2. Proteins

    3. Mono whatchamacalit fats

    All this in the right proportions.

  2. says: jaya

    i am eating indian food almost everyother day for lunch and also some desert. Planning to stop it completely come 1st jan. You are a big inspiration. you go gurl.

  3. says: rambodoc

    All diets work for some time, and then people drop out of them out of boredom and fatigue. That is why dieting alone is useless in the medium to long term.
    Alright! If you are serious about this shit, then buy one of those things that measure body fat. A good, portable one for home use should cost you $50. If you are recession-proof, you can spend several thousand dollars that will measure not only your fat, but also say, “Have a nice day, and Merry X-mas, Rads!”

  4. says: rads

    doc: Of course I am! As I said, I shall not diet and starve myself, and I shall not kill myself at the gym, but am creating minor changes that do not drastically impact my everyday life. I like to enjoy my life 😉
    re body fat monitor, yea, maybe it will be my christmas gift after all! 🙂

    Jaya: Indian food is the best there is out there. The idea is portion sizes correct? Not cutting down completely. You cut down, body craves and then we go binge. We surely don’t want that! I already had my nice Ferrero Rocher chocolate for the day 🙂

    Nandini: hah, enjoy the holidays, no point starving ourselves. 🙂
    Generally speaking, thin != fit too 🙂 I have a couple of friends who drop dead just after one round of dandiya. They look great in their skinny size 4 jeans, but hey, one has to look deeper me thinks.

    GDS: You sweet girl! Always encouraging me. Thank you! 🙂

    Naren: I get bored with diets easily. Also, I believe in enjoying quality food like that cheese pizza and what not that you deny yourself :p
    Also, since am a veggie, eating eggs/soya/tofu enough for the zone diet protein levels won’t cut it for me. Unfortunately 🙁

    Sajni: Am sorry, I deleted it by a slight shift of the hand. You had my email id input and my profile pic showed up, and by way of editing, I deleted it by mistake. Sorry. : I tried emailing you, but it bounced. What you wrote was sweet tho’ 🙂

  5. says: gauri

    That’s something! Esp. after losing then gaining again!

    I’ve started in teeny-weeny bits, thanks to you! Cutting down on unnecessary junk to start with…

    Great going, rads. I know you have a target date in mind, but while you’re at it, I hope you don’t stop there!


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