what’s in your bag?

A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a new bag. A regular lunch hour extending into a shopping trip. Since I was so excited about the sweet little thing, I decided to bring it on up to the desk and start using it right away. So, the old one had to be emptied out and well, the transfer began.

Boy, and what a discovery I made! Now I know why I have this dull aching shoulder at the end of the day.

Bills from:
Noodles & Co  from September
Chipotle from September
5 Panera spanning 2 months
TJMaXX from October
WorldMarket -October

1 Blue Bic
1 Red Bic [no idea where that came from!]
1 Boston Properties complimentary green bla pen

The red wallet with the cards
3 – $1 bills
2 – $5 bills
A whole bunch of jingling coins, with a freakish absence of quarters! Just a lot of dimes and pennies.

Teacher-conference notes from Monday
2 sets of keys
1 usb flash drive
Nokia cell phone
1 to-do list replacing the PDA that gave up on me early summer.

A brown claw for the hair
A black oyster clip for the bad-hair days
1 pair of silver hoops. [God bless hoops!]

1 Nail Filer
1 MAX factor 560 Mauve lipstick
1 CoverGirl lipstick 559 in burgundy
1 CG Eyeliner in midnight Blue
1 MAX Factor foundation in beige
1 small round mirror, folding brush
1 teeny bottle of Purell
Listerine pocketpak

Phew! For my own safety and peace, I’ve decided to leave the last 2 groups at work along with the Neutrogena Hand Cream hidden in the cabinet.

So, this makes me curious. What do each one of you ladies have in your bag/purse? Should I convert this to a tag? 😈 A snap would be great but then we know our lazy selves. Imagine clicking a pic, loading it, and then linking it. Typing away is so much more easier.

So girls, would you, could you? Please?

Orchid, Archana, Baliga, Schmetterling, Silvara, TAAMommy, Lakshmi, Munimma, Terri, Zhu, Dushti, Upsi, SK , Ruhi, Altoid, and Madsies. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

ps: I’d love to tag the guys too, but that would be a different post altogether. A lil birdie tells me they have moisturizers, deo sticks and chapsticks tucked away in a quiet corner! Imagine that! ..and people call women vain! 😉

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  1. says: kutti

    i never use moisturizer or chapstick……. donno y…. as far as deo goes, it has a standard space back home 🙂 der u go, ur birdie was wrong abt me :p

  2. says: Terri

    1. Sunglasses to protect baby browns
    2. Wallet with more cards than money
    3. Small moisturizer stolen from last hotel room
    4. Vanity mirror to check teeth after group lunch
    5. Mobile devices, even though hate talking on the phone
    6. Misc. junk – checkbook, pen, pad, Kleenex, Kotex, hair, receipts.

  3. says: Silvara

    Ohhh I’m always being told off because I have those oversized bags and because they r so big I have the insane need to fill them up because a huge bag with nothing in it is just…stupid 😛

    Will do this tag asap 😀

  4. says: rads

    Silvara: My girl, oversized is so in! Don’t listen to folks, keep filling 😀

    Altoid: Ayyyoooo, I forgot you! So sorryyy! Ok, wait, if you comment enough I’d have remembered you 😛

    BPSK: Now, I get it 😀

    Terri: That was quick. Thanks 😀

    KC: Wait till Feb, things shall change! :p

  5. says: BPSK

    the Seinfeld episode I was referring to – ‘The Reverse Peephole’
    Jerry holding up a hamburger while holding George’s wallet.

    Jerry: But look at this thing. It’s-it’s huge. You got more cow here than here.

    George: I need everything in there.

    Jerry looking through George’s wallet

    Jerry: Irish money?

    George: I might go there.

    Jerry: Show this card at any participating Orlando-area Exxon station…to get your free ‘Save the Tiger’ poster.

    George grabbing back his wallet.

    It is better in the viewing 😉


  6. says: bApHoMEt

    i dont have a bag. i have a wallet with my library card and a few dollars.

    my bag contained:
    – a packet of cigarette
    – a lighter
    – a matchbox (if the lighter conks out)
    – a nail cutter (i dunno why, but i never took it out)

  7. says: Dushti

    4 things you can always find in my bag : Wallet, mobile, keys and my badge. Other than that depending on the size of the bag I carry, the misc junk varies 😀

  8. says: Zhu

    I’ll do it for my next post, promise ! When I read you post in my feed, I though “oh, that’d be a good meme” 😉

    You should make the link live though, so that people would spot themselves better 😉

    I’d add a pic too and I’ll link to you, the original starter !

    Oh, can’t wait to do that… I’m a bag person, I must admit, and I have a lot of crap in mine I can tell you !

  9. says: SK

    LOL! :–)
    The bigger the bag, the more junk. :–)
    My bag is a dumpyard, one day we needed a lot of pens for some event, and impromptu I found shiver 10 pens in my bag!!
    I have tags piling up.

  10. says: Altoid

    Haan sure rads. I havent set my eyes on a certain prize I was supposed to be getting…and now you want to pass on tags freely. Hmph, Bah and all that!

    And comments! Comments will happen depending on “quality” NOT “quantity”.

    Anyhoo, Happy Diwali to you and yours.


  11. says: ruhi

    Ah interesting post! 😛

    I keep the following-

    My sunglasses, spectacles, Lip gloss, chapstick, purell, kleenex, moisturizer (very imp for me because my skin dries up all the time), kajal, lots of hair clips, an extra band, some pens, pencils, highlighter, lots of credit card, hardly any cash, some keys, driver’s license and very grudgingly, my cell phone.

    I love carrying BIG purses. 🙂 I have so many of them.

  12. says: Cydonian

    A female friend of mine once produced a a Terry Pratchett novel, a deo, some protein shakes, a sweater and, inexplicably, a cuddly Transformers toy out of her bag once. All this when she was trying to fish for her ringing mobile. Yeah.

    I offered to carry her bag after that.

    (I sometimes carry a European man-bag to work, but since this seems to be a ladies-only callout, I’ll refrain from spilling its secrets.

  13. says: rads

    Cyd: That’s such a sweet offer. I need to surround myself with folks like you!
    lol@man-bag, reminds me of Joey’s in Friends 😀

    Ruhi: Hehe, big purses sure help 😀

    altoid: Happy Diwali to you too 🙂

    Zhu: THANK you for being so excited and spirited. We are twin souls I tell ya 😉
    Yes please do. I am working on your dinner meme as well.
    Which link? The bloggers, right? I guess I should, I was in a rush to get outa work and didn’t 🙂

    SK: This tag is so comforting! Please do it. Getting interesting 😀

    Dushti: It’s the misc junk am interested in 😉

    Baph: Are you always this prepared? Like Plan A fails, Plan B kinda guy? 😛

    BPSK: LOL, I remember! I so remember! 😀
    I am watching some moments on utube and it’s a nice start to the day 🙂

  14. says: munimma

    Very similar stuff. old bills, my pouch of makeup stuff – lipstick, compact, eyeliner, mascara, tweezer. My manicure kit, my purse full of cards, cash (sometimes), change (quarters keep disappearing into vending machines), pens, pencil, checkbook, aleve, some prescription that needs to be filled, parent teacher conference papers (yes, me too). Hair bands, clips, my kids’ bangles, my office badge, my veena meetus (plucks), keys.

    I keep thinking of cleaning my bag, but for some reason it gets done only when I change to a new bag. There must be a law of handbags somewhere.

    I tried to carry a smaller bag so that I wouldn’t pile up on the junk, but amazing how much stuff you can stuff. I wish I had Hermione’s tiny bag from Deathly hallows.

  15. says: Madhu

    Clips, Hair ties (pillakas’) of my daughters’, Gummy bears, gen gums, motrin, old_old_recipts (belive me i still hv the shopping ones done in India, and when was I there last?!), pop wrappers, coins yea quarters that i try to save for my tolls. lipstick, chapstick, my lil ones mittens, Kleenex, hand snitizers, wallet with cards, usb flash drive, cell fone, my office key, my van key, my car key (car key is broken – thus is kept separate), my RSA key, my old mettis (toe rings), safety pins, my school reciepts, daycare, access card..phew!
    thats enuf!

  16. says: rads

    Madhu: That’s exhaustive. I once upon a time, in your stage had all those too. Am glad that’s over and done with! 😀

    Dushti: Thank you! hehe, yes, panrey 🙂

    TAAMom: But of crse, you and I are alike when it comes to kids! 🙂

    Munimma: Cleaning bag means getting a new one. I have quite the huge collection of one-time used ones. Veena plucks aa? Cool! You have a backup stashed at work when you get bored, like I throw my hands around? 😀

    Baph: Plan B guys are dependable. Nice 🙂

  17. says: Lakshmi

    One credit card (Citibank Visa), one ATM card (State Bank), one driving license, four hundred rupee notes (bills to Americans), one fifty rupee note, ten ten rupee notes, one five rupee coin, four two rupee coins, cell phone, hubby’s visiting card, one card ripped off from birthday gift hubby gave me (mush factor), two ball-point pens (one of which does not write), one calpol tablet in a bubble pack, petrol bill for Rs. 100 (filled my bike today). Thats all ! Are’nt you proud of me? 🙂

  18. says: terri

    Gosh, Lakshmi, compared to the others who carry around junk, you sound positively loaded! If I were a pickpocket, I’d make a beeline for you.

  19. says: rads

    terri: That’s why she’s sitting far away from the likes of u and me 😉

    Lakshmi: That mush factor’s so cute. See, neither terri nor I had any such mushy stuff in our loaded bags 🙁

    Giri: That day isnt far.

    Jeseem: Happy Diwali to you too. 🙂

    Muni: hehe, yes yes, chumma me kidding u 😛

    baliga, Zhu : Thanks girls. Now this is some true spirit I see! 😀

  20. Haha, just saw the tag. Sorry about the delayed activity. My latest post sums up what i’ve been upto 🙂 But this is definitely my next one, interesting list it’s going to be. I have some vague stuff in my bag.

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