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Instead of me deciding on a genre/language to choose to write this Friday’s Thursday’s song post, thought I’d ask you. The reason for the shift is that Friday is Halloween and I plan on having a grand finale for my marathon by scaring the living daylights out of all you nice people. 🙂

So here it is. Pick one and vote. Will do it.

[polldaddy poll=1028217]

psst: I know, am thoughtful right?! Also, not going to admit to cheating a day’s post by adding a poll in. I didn’t say it and you didn’t hear me say it!

Update@noon EST: Looks like DappanKoothu is hot favorite, and no, there isn’t a flaw with polldaddy, I allowed multiple votes from same IP, which I now have disabled (heh, am being strict now). Shall close the poll Tuesday night 10 EST.

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  1. says: Pavan

    imagining an AIR like announcement “iss gaana ka nivedan kiya hai Nagpur se Veeru, Sajjanpur se Sukhiya aur Delhi se Jagan”

    PS: the curious cat informed me that the poll allows multiple voting, please reduce the count for ‘Bollywood shake-a-leg’ by 1, mea culpa

  2. says: rads

    Praveen: It’s currently at Dappan Koothu 🙂

    lol@Pavan. hehe, that’s a classic. I should perhaps do that too! 🙂

    Apple, stitha, deita di- voted rt?! not just commented?

  3. says: WT

    me voted for Tamil DK too, yay! i second Baphomet, why no mallu? and Rads, ain’t you getting purple streaks for this Halloween? 😀

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