Tags {More about Me}

Yes, this is an extension of the “about Me” page – coz I mean, isn’t that what tags are? Tags were such a fun thing to do – some time ago that is. Somehow lost the charm and the excitement of tagging and getting to know folks and after awhile it does get repetitive, unless one gets creative and CREATES ones’s own tags, which is something I dabbled in a bit too.

One gets to know the person behind the blogger via these occasionally introspective, but mostly simple questions. So without much further ado, I figured I’ll post all my Tags in one place (Am so full of myself aren’t I, coz I mean, so many of you are really really dying to know more about me, like my blog posts weren’t enough! :-))

Tags that came to me

Tags that I created.

  1. Muggu or Kolam or Rangoli experience 
  2. Butterfly award – FOUR times before I got to acknowledging it
  3. Another very cool Fufferfly award!
  4. Your scroll please  – Loved how viral it got for a while there till I lost track
  5. Mariage meme – heh
  6. LOVE this – what’s in your bag Tag!