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postcards on postcard day at postcrossing

I love Postcrossing. It’s one of those loves that doesn’t really hit you too strong, but it deepens like a strong coffee going down…

reading bandwagon

Please allow my bragging rights to say I feel like am 10 again! 10 years old, when I chewed through books I picked up…

Reading as a habit in 2020 January's challenge

I was a bookworm. Like a reading books kinda worm. No, really. I was a silent bookworm, very intent and busy in the pages….

12 habits Journal and why everyone should keep one. The benefits of being grateful and saying thanks from a mindful place is the key to a calm, more peaceful way of life.

You know how we are suckers for productivity and hacks for “doing your best”? Yes, I am too, and during the course of hopping…

big picture 2019 year end review

It’s December 27th 2019 and I figured it’s a tradition to do a year end review of the year that’s gone by. I am…

ebook 5 nuggets download rads mailchimp

Super thrilled to announce that the long awaited eBook is finally of the 5 Nuggets With Rads ready for download! Long Story: It all…

The 4 hour body and the slow carb diet

Why am I trying the slow-carb diet after reading Tim Ferris 4 hour body.

Cabbage Salad is a perfect Keto/Low Carb one bowl meal. Spice it with Indian spices and it takes the taste up a notch. Recipe included.

I say Cabbage and your spicy Indian tongue says ugh, nooo! But yes, it’s possible. There exists an Indian Cabbage salad and it’s also vegan!…