May 2017 Low Carb Challenge #LowCarbWithRads

May 2017 Low Carb Challenge

The LowCarbWithRads Challenge!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get serious! Okay, no, I didn;t mean beach body, though you could get beach body serious – but just so that it’s a good time as any to focus and get some results out of us. Research has proven that when we do things as a community, everyone benefits, and the results are astonishing too! Everyone works on the same goal and the support we get encourages us to fight our own challenges with vigor, knowing that we are not alone in what we do, is a relief and a boost to stick with our fights.

After hearing plenty folks who message me asking for help, I figured this May we could do something that will be a good project and a trial run with our diets and see where we go. Am not saying am an expert, but I’ve done this some time now and I could provide some value and of course am looking to learn from all of you too!

Starting Monday, May 1st, 2017, we commit to a low carb diet. 

We last till May 31st, 2017

Sign up here: #LowCarbWithRads

Why sign up?

  • You want to get a control over your body, feel healthy and lose that unwanted weight
  • You have accountability and you feel like you are part of a group/club
  • You will get TWO menu plans with choices. They will be Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarian.
  • You will also get a grocery list that will help you with those menu plans.
  • You will get tips and suggestions on how to sustain
  • You will also realize how possible this lifestyle is and will be surprised with the results


We will support each other over Instagram and Twitter and Blog and use the hashtag to check and learn from each other.

Cost? Just your time, effort and determination, and yes, grocery 🙂

Who is in? I may have to limit the number of folks because I may not be able to reply to all or sustain and give attention. Just putting in the disclaimer for the sake of it.

You can do it! We all can do it!

Do not overthink, just jump in? 🙂 

My Instagram handle 

My Twitter handle 

See ya on the other side!


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor (but I am an allied health professional) and I will not advise you on medication and pre-existing conditions but will suggest alternatives. If in doubt, you will need to check with your own physician. 


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