As I watch and read the news, posts and feeds on all that’s happening at Mumbai, my thoughts have finally reached a blank. I am not able to react anymore. I started with shock, then anger and frustration to sadness which stayed a long while, and now I don’t feel much.

I read a large number of posts related to Mumbai, and I am unable to comment. I try to pen something. I start typing. I erase. I start again. It doesn’t seem right. I try yet again, and nothing happens. Words seem hollow. There’s a fat lump in my throat that’s refusing to budge. I have slowly over the weeks retreated into a shell, and this event has completely sealed any trace of escape. These are friends, bloggers, ones whom I communicate on an almost daily basis, who are venting, empathizing, reaching out and forming a community within seeking companionship and solace through this haze of incomprehension.

Yet I remain silent.

I have nothing to offer but my presence, a silent invisible presence, but it’s there, I am here.

The day will be filled with meeting friends. There are potlucks lunches and dinners planned. I am not up for socializing. Yet, I know I will go. The talks will all be about Mumbai. There will be excited shocking clucking of tongues, and I can only hope that the gravity of the moment is not washed in the frivolity that will no doubt sneak in on us.

I do know one thing though. We will survive. We just will. Hope in tenacity is a powerful emotion. One that cannot and will not succumb to anything else known to mankind.

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4 replies on “bombay”
  1. says: gauri

    “I do know one thing though. We will survive. We just will.”

    Well said. I like the unpretentious tone of this post.

    For all the sympathy-discussions tonight, the immediate concern is very likely to be “there’s too much sugar in the dessert.” Sad. Or maybe not – that’s life.


  2. says: Joy

    What you said in the last is very powerful. What has happened is very disturbing. There is nothing more to be said but lot more to do in action.

  3. says: rads

    Joy: True. It’s a change that each must bring from within, and it will happen.

    gauri: Thanks, it IS true though. We all manage to get up, dust off and keep going. This isn’t going to sag any morale as far as I can tell.

    Praveen: I know. Sad though right? Becoming insensitive…

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