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I know, I know. my blog’s Facebook Page! Pshaw. Who cares? Right. Well, wrong! I do, at least I do now. 😉

I know this sounds silly, but then it is what it is, and once we are in the digital media and space, all milestones, however small or insignificant they may seem in the grand scheme of things is still a relevant blip on the horizon.


Ive reached the 500 mark on my Facebook Page!

Yay. Celebrations all around and all that!

So to celebrate, I went and make a video. Something that I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time, and just couldn’t get down to it. Then when this magical number drummed up, I had to go do it. So:

[pssst: Ignore the cheesy claps – I was having some fun with iMovie. Promise I won’t do it again!]


Okay, that was not half as bad as I thought it would be. Taking a video of yourself while pretending to talk to invisible folks in front while all the time watching yourself is HARD! There are a couple of words that aren’t entirely accurate, but I couldn’t just go back and redo and editing’s been a challenge, or let’s just say am at the end of my rope Sunday evening, so, though am sure it can only get better, as with anything else.

I have a calendar, like an editorial calendar and I am hoping for better stuff for this space, and am not going to say it out loud, coz Ive done it before and jinxed it nice and clean out of my head and day. Boo! But yes, I’ll be writing more and yes, Ive taken some of your advise seriously and am working on that long lost goal of mine, so maybe 2016 is the year after all! 🙂

Here’s to 500 likes on Facebook page and to the readers who started with me including the ones that have just got to discover me, to the 9 years of words, thoughts and growth, and to the ones on my newsletter subscription, and all the ones who silently read me, Thank you!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, please would you? 🙂


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