o more sajna, o more balma

Sunday afternoon, after driving from one dance practice to the other I was tired, sore and beat. In a span of 5 hours, this is what I came back home to: 

  • 4 loads of laundry done. 
  • The clothes washed, dried, folded and sorted into respective closets.
  • Kitchen floor sparkled and shone.
  • Carpets vaccumed.
  • Groceries done without a master list.

The husband was suitably rewarded in kind after a nice dinner and the kids in bed. O yes, the evening got a bit chilly, and the fire got lit in the family room.

Sundays are nice way to start the week.


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26 replies on “o more sajna, o more balma”
  1. says: some body


    wow!!!! i’m taking notes right now. 🙂 and need some questions answered …

    who had the kids during those five hours? what model is your washer dryer? do clothes dry faster up north? is husband available for hire? 😉 *confess that it would probably be difficult for me to outbid bpsk and terri’s dad, or even ok*

    – s.b.

  2. Rads, when you comment on my blog, can you please link directly to this blog rather than your blogger id? It’ll save me having to go through blogspot and all that, where, interestingly, your age is noted as 251 years!! 😀

    About the post, see, in spite of such angelic men around, we the male species are blamed about all kinds of myths. Jealous, all of those, I tell you!

  3. says: rads

    Broom – You missed an important word. A breed with occasional rare quality 🙂

    Sudipta – I agree, 2 clicks must be difficult 😉
    I am ancient, so 251 seems quite apt no? 😀

    Metlin/Lana – If you have to follow the husband’s footsteps, you can relax up until you celebrate your 13th anniversary after tying the knot 😉

    SK – He has a good teacher, and it took some patience and time to get here 😀

    sb – Unfortunately, none of my answers would put your mind at ease, so saving you the trouble 😉
    wait, what’s with bpsk, and Ok? Did I miss some juicy details on how they takeover the kitchen?
    OK does not even qualify for the race don’t you think? 😉

    Prestid – the strange phenomena are rare, but when it does happen, wives plan a huge circus around it! It’s like Christmas/Diwali for us.

    Keshi – Yes, that he was.

    All – How come no one ever says anything when wives do any of this?! More importantly, all that I do, or did, or will do. *grumble

  4. says: Ok

    Ha! I always knew he was a good guy;). Let him know I wont mind paying him in kind if he would be kind enough to do my laundary

  5. says: Terri

    rads, dinner. What about dinner? Does this man cook too? More importantly, how often do you get repaid in kind for all that you do?

  6. oh wow !!,
    a. was he pre-given instructions ?
    b. or he just did it this weekend ?
    c. or he does this every weekend ?

    any which way you look at it, he does deserve kudos for last Sunday !!

    Please send this post to him, which might result is similar future weekend actions.

    But i better not send it to mine, he will come up with a potshot comparing you and me which will possibly end up telling rads is ‘doing-worthy’ 🙂

  7. Oh, one more thing. There was a time when I read ‘Fanny Hill’ for my voyeuristic moments. These days, it’s “L’amor l’among l’aundry” by Rads. Ah, the titillating banality of it, what a masterpiece! 😉


  8. says: rads

    Pavan – Hitch is good up until you do get hitched, after that, chores take over 🙂

    BPSK – umm.. Thanks? 😀

    TAAMom – Nope, no “instructions” per se, unless you take into consideration grumbles and arbit rants into the air hoping it will seep in. ..and yes, it was just this weekend that all got done, you don’t see me posting such festivities regularly do you? 😉

    Usha – I am thinking all this happened coz there was no football game on TV. 😉

    Terri – Apparently he makes a mean special kind of curry with veggies that all other ladies claim he made for them in his bachelor days. I am still waiting to taste it.
    No such barter system works when I do all the work. 😐

    OK – er.. are we talking the same payback in kind? *confused

  9. says: some body

    rads/bpsk/ok (comments 8 thru 10):

    looks like ok already started the bids, though i really wonder which kind he means (ahaa … i see he has clarified later)!!

    of course, we are all bidders. mr. rads is the biddee, and – as you can see – terri and mom are hovering around the auction floor (though it does appear that the auction is not on yet!).


    obviously you have taken the tdna flowchart in one eye and discarded it through the other!


    time out! what do you mean when you say there were no football game on tv? was i dreaming?

    – s.b.

  10. says: terri

    Hey, I’m out of the game … for tonight …. Man of the house is making dinner as I type. And he usually cleans up until you can see your face reflected in the countertops.
    Oh, wait, does this mean he needs to be repaid in kind?!! That too on a weekday?!!

  11. says: rads

    terri – the horrors!! Enjoy the dinner, the rest can wait till the week ends 😉

    sb – Doubt anyone was playing Sunday afternoon. Def not the Redskins.

    Tintin – Am sure the husband would beg to differ, but I shall let that pass 🙂

    OK – 😀

  12. says: musings

    Rads.. U r damn lucky!! Guess u know that. Pray it always stays this way (i dont mean that ur hubby should do the laundry ever after!!)

  13. says: rads

    musings – I can do all the prayers I want till Shiva steps down from the Himalayas, but this surely will not become a standard feature. So yes, lucky I am that I get hit by such occasional spats of help 🙂

    Silvara – 😀 now you know what you should look for!

    DS – lol, revelations! 🙂

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