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Careerbuilder’s pitch:

We’ve Got Video Resumes!

This is your chance to show an employer the things they can’t see in your resume – Make It Count!

Ever thought, “If I could only get an interview, I know I’d get the job”? This is your chance!

Reminded me of Reese Witherspoon’s Harvard Law School application in Legally Blonde.


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  1. says: metlin

    You know, they could always let people showcase their portfolios – would be more useful than having a video resume. Not that it is a bad idea per se.

  2. says: rads

    metlin – used right, this could revolutionize the way HR works. But see, as new ideas tend to get misused quick – Elle’s video popped into my mind.
    Imagine the flip side to the why’s of a person getting hired or not.

    KC – lol, illey. I think it’s cool, just wary.

  3. Rads – My reaction to this would be the same as to video conferencing – Good Lord, I hope it never catches on. In a million years.

    Pilgrim – I think that was Groucho Marx that said it, but a quick Google search showed both Groucho & Woody Allen.


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