About Me

Hi There! My Name is Radhika and I go by Rads online. I have been a blogger since 2006, and I love how much of this online journey has made me the person I am today.


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10 things about me!

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  • I was born, and raised in India and studied and worked as an Optometrist before I married and moved to the United States. I live near Washington DC, USA with my husband, three children and our dog, Zorro.
  • I am in my mid-40s. Two of my children are well on their way in their careers and life after college, the third is home and is middle schooler.
  • I put myself through graduate program in Information Systems at George Mason University and worked as a Data Analyst for 8 years before I quit.
  • I love writing and have won awards and contests online and otherwise in fiction and essay writing. My writing’s been published in some prominent magazines. I read plenty, not as much as I used to, but I am a reader.
  • I am an experienced toastmaster and an accomplished speaker and have hosted multiple events around the DC area
  • I consider myself a creative person and it spills into all what I do. I run a boho-style handmade jewelry studio: Studio Radeck and I love it!
  • I’ve had a few knee surgeries and am restricted with extreme activities, but challenge myself with cycling, aqua aerobics, yoga and by simply being active.
  • I am a Low Carb-Keto convert and believe in the power of nutrition and its effect on our body, mind and behavior.
  • I am a proponent of being mindful, in your words, actions and thoughts. Practiced enough, it becomes a way of life.
  • Be kind. Whenever in doubt, be kind. It is THE answer to everything, not necessarily 42.


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What’s On This Blog?

There’s a lot already on here. 12 years and 800 (visible) odd posts is a lot of content. I’ve written about my days, the kids, the challenges, my body, my journey, writings, and food.

Going forward I envision this space to be more about lifestyle and where I have reached over the past couple of years. Mindful living, Meditation, Yoga, Style, Parenting, Being comfortable in your skin regardless of your age or how many kids you have (or not) and most importantly Slow Carb – Low Carb – Keto recipes and notes on what works for me.

I am here to learn and share, and I hope to bring (and gain) some value to ones who read and follow me here and on social media.

Socially Yours

It is always a pleasure to hear back, so make your presence felt. You matter. Everyone does. Contact me for further conversation via email: rads.kowthasATgmail.com or just use the contact form here.

You can also connect with me on:

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