39 days


  1. 1st glass of warm water
  2. 1% milk with Spiru-tein
  3. Hazelnut coffee
  4. 2nd glass of water
  5. 1 cup of oatmeal 
  6. 3rd glass of water 
  7. 1 cup of chinese fried rice 
  8. 1 apple 
  9. Peach flavored green tea 
  10. 4th glass of water 
  11. 1 cup of roasted red pepper soup 
  12. 5th glass of water 
  13. 1 wheat tortilla + broiled veggies 
  14. 1 cup of yogurt 
  15. 6th glass of water 

Did go to the gym and biked the same for 15 minutes. Was quite bored and decided I’d push the elliptical for a few minutes and see how the knee feels. After a slow 3 minutes, I picked up pace and finally broke sweat at 6 minutes! Yay! Did the round of weights, and I upped the leg press (to 70lbs) and chest press (40 lbs), the rest stayed same.  

The leg has been hurting all day. As in there is pain (not just discomfort) on the medial side of the knee where the tear was in the first place, with every step. I had to stop and pause a few times before I could take a step again, especially the stairs this afternoon at work. I have a feeling I might have twisted the knee in my sleep, coz I felt a shooting pain in the middle of the night and which went away on shifting position and then I forgot all about it till later in the day. 

I was talking to a colleague (the famous Turk) who went through a similar procedure years ago. Actually he had an ACL tear which is worse than what I had, and he was a 24 year old playing rough street basketball, and recovery is usually quick. Apparently, that is the event which changed his lifestyle. Now he runs marathons every few months. 😐

In any case, I complained to him about the swelling, and he played “doctor”, which is when I remembered that my therapist had asked me to continue with the ice and the anti-inflammatory, and that I wasn’t. Hopefully this swelling subsides, as I just popped an Aleve (naproxen) and will ice it now in bed. As it is this is no fun, with my heart rate not up as much as I’d like it to be and if the situation deteriorates, I can kiss all aerobic activity goodbye. 

Not even a remotely funny thought in any class of humor, if you ask me.

The only real aerobic that gets me going is dance. I can’t do that. Just yet. Will have to. One day. Soon.

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5 replies on “39 days”
  1. says: munimma

    You need to watch out for those weight machines. They are usually made for taller people. Especially the leg ones. I switched to free weights and there is less trauma on my knees.

  2. says: Adithya

    From what little I know, the knee is supposed to be a very delicate part! One of my friends had a small knee problem and he was asked not to play basketball for the rest of his life. So take care.

  3. says: rads

    Adithya: I know. A close friend who dances also lost quite a bit of cartilage at her knee and now the doc’s told her to quit. She’s crushed beyond words. *sigh

    Muni: Really? I mean, even if we adjust the settings? O btw, started Pilates and it’s AWESOME! 🙂

    gds: Yeah, waiting to hear back 🙂

    Naren: will do 🙂 I basically need to slow down and that’s what I did today.

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