38 days

so what's an excerpt? heh, trying this out, so if you're reading this, you may continue smiling :)


  1. 1st glass of warm water
  2. Smoothie – 1% milk with Spiru-tein + banana
  3. Hazelnut coffee
  4. Nibbled on The Baker: granola – oats, etc 
  5. 2nd glass of water
  6. 1 cup of tomato soup + 5 crackers
  7. 3rd glass of water
  8. Peach flavored green tea
  9. 2 pieces of dokla 
  10. 1 cup of regular coffee
  11. 4th glass of water 
  12. 1.5 cups of cracked wheat upma with veggies and 5 tofu cubes. 
  13. 5th glass of water 
  14. 6th glass of water 

Interesting factoid on my morning breakfast smoothie. I drank that smoothie at 7 am. No hunger absolutely up until 11.30 am. Maybe normal people don’t feel hungry within 4 hours, I do. I don’t usually eat much of a breakfast (I know it’s bad, though am q. strict with it with the rest of the folks at home) and I am quite starving by the time it’s 11. The nibbling on granola was hardly 2 dime sized clusters, and frankly don’t count as far as satiety’s concerned. The coffee is what I normally have (Flavia) anyway at work at that time. Am going to repeat this tomorrow and see if there’s a science to this, or just that I got lucky once. 😉

Those granola crunchies are crazy tasty and can get addictive if one doesn’t watch out! 1 serving’s large, so 1/4 serving’s quite enough for a snack that you can nibble on over a stretch of time.  

Figured if I could do rough estimate on the calories Ive hogged, and am going to be extra generous just in case: 

  • Breakfast (100*3 + 50) = 350
  • Flavia Hazelnut Coffee = 20 
  • Granola = 40
  • Lunch (soup + crackers + 30) =  200
  • Dokla = 100 (?) 
  • Coffee with milk = 100  
  • Dinner = 250 ( 1 cup = 100 + olive oil + tofu?) 

Isn’t that too little?  The whole calorie value for the day I mean. 😐 

I am supposed to have at least 1200 – 1400 calories minimum right? In fact, am supposed to be having 6 meals a day with at least 200 cals each, which sums up well, but really, is that enough to sustain me, my body and my mental peace? *argh!

Alright, breaking it down, am doing okay with regards to hunger, and my energy levels seem alright. I come home and make snacks for the kids, drive up and down, entertain the munchkin, solve disputes between the older two (apart from creating new ones within the triangle with me being on top), fix dinner, clean up a little and then go to the gym. Some days am tired but I am tending to chalk that into mental exertion transposing physically. No one’s complained so far that am grouchy or snappy, and by that I mean the husband and the kids at home, coz the evenings are the crazy times. Then again, maybe they’ve gotten used to my usual grumpy whining self, that they aren’t really telling me that there’s a difference! ha. 

In any case, there was a smart and peaceful reason why I never got into this huge diet-mess up until now. It’s all coming back to me. The darn thing is just too much work. *sigh. 

Went for the Pilates class and OHMYGOD, I feel fantastic already! heh, need to dedicate a whole separate post on it, and wordpress 2.7 has a nice smart looking dashboard eh? 🙂 

Anyways, help me out here people. What do I add or not? Bearing in mind that am not exactly indulging in any extensive cardio. Help all you people sitting smug on my stats bars and enjoying my confusion and misery!  🙁

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