bye bye

’07.  Hello 2008.  Raising the glass to more of what 07 offered, via my blog.  

To more:

  • random useless quips
  • inuendo-ridden posts
  • spouse-“bashing”
  • lame poetry that no one gets
  • banter with dear velcro-like faithful lovable readers
  • treats, visual and otherwise
  • mommy brags
  • ridiculously fun times at work reading blogs,  
  • thrills: cheap and otherwise
  • friends 
  • trusteds: no matter the physical distance 
  • meanings in words and bonds: shallow and otherwise
To a wonderful New Year that stretches before us. Relax and have fun, coz once you’re out there, that’s all you got to do.
As relative and subjective the following words may be: Play. Enjoy. Triumph. 

Sattar minute hai tumhare paas. Shayad tumhari zindagi ke sabse khaas sattar minute. Aaj tum accha khelo ya bura, yeh sattar minute tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahenge. Toh kaise khelna hai aaj main tumhe nahi batayunga bas itna kahungaki jaayo aur yeh sattar minute jee bhar ke khelo. Kyunki iske baad aane wali zindagi mein chahe sahi ho ya na, ho chahe kuch rahe ya na rahe, tum haaro ya jeeto; lekin yeh sattar minute tumse koi nahi cheen sakta. Koi nahi.  Toh maine socha ki iss match mein kaise khelna hai, aaj main tumhe nahi batayunga, balki tum mujhe batayoge. Khelkar kyunki main jaanta hoon ki agar yeh sattar minute iss team ka har player apni zindagi ki sabse badiya hockey khel de toh yeh sattar minute khuda bhi tumse waapis nahi maang sakta. Toh jaayo jaayo aur apne aap se, iss zindagi se, apne khuda se, aur har uss insaan se jisne tumhe tumpar barosa na kiya ho

apne sattar minute cheen lo 

 Now imagine the Sattar Minute was your entire span of existence.  

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17 replies on “bye bye”
  1. says: Pavan

    aur har uss insaan se jisne tumhe tumpar barosa na kiya ho apne sattar minute cheen lo

    trying to do that from every such person.. stuck in traffic jam: projected time to destination > 70 mins
    all things aside, Happy New Year 🙂

  2. says: bApHoMEt

    Its so good to have you back Rads. My Google Reader was feeling so empty without a single post form you for such a long time. Happy New Year. How was your trip to CA?

    p.s. (i missed you 🙁 )

  3. says: rads

    Baph: Am stuck at LAX delayed flights and such! Hope you are having fun home alone 😉

    So CAL is frikkin cold! It’s like I went from the freezer to the cold storage 🙁

    All: Happy New Year folks! Can’t wait to get back home 🙂

  4. says: rads

    Pri: Done!

    Dushti: 🙂 Hope we get to see you more often this year

    Prestid: I hope so too 🙂

    Mav: O come now – you are linited only by your imagination. Don’t go all “realist” on me now 😉

    Giri: Thanks! 🙂

    Zhu: Yes yes, we all hope 🙂

    Pavan: lol, Sue the DOT 😀

    Baph: Be Careful for what you wish for 😉

    KC: puthandu vazthukkal 🙂

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