Weekend of 22-23rd Dec

DC Area: 40’s – 50’s, sunny, cripsly cold.
San Diego/LA: – 60’s, windy, sunny

Week of 25th through 30th Dec

DC Area: Balmy 50’s, sunny
San Diego/LA: Low 50’s, sunny, extremely windy thus lowering temps further.

Week of Jan 2nd: 

DC Area: 30’s, biting cold, winds, sunny
San Diego/LA: Lower 70’s, sunny


Bags full of thin cotton tees, shorts, capris and swimwear. No points for guessing where I was during what time. Sure, Southern California is picturesque and pretty and the beaches are spectacular and their houses are unique and colorful with hibiscus and bouganvillas peeping over brick walls, reminding me of my own backyard in Madras, but here’s the big question.

Why in the world didnt any of you Californian brags warn me of the frikkin cold?!

Warm weather indeed! Bah!

It’s okay, don’t be chickens now, tell me you hate me and wanted me to suffer in short sleeves and sandals, and then laugh heartily as I shiver and turn blue in the face. Bad people, very bad sadistic people.

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16 replies on “irony”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    Its like Jackie Chan’s First Strike where he packs his clothes for going to Australia and ends up in some cold Eastern European country wearing shorts and T-shirt. ;P

    So how did you cope with all of it? Bought new clothes?

  2. Hmm .. I think you carry cold winds in your traveling luggage. I am guessing Californian’s didnt have an inkling that you bring it with you and we in DC are now sure of why the cold weather affects us in the new year.

  3. says: rads

    Hawkeye: er, no. I mean, really, it’s cold? 😉

    Pilgrim: Figured you’d say that. Am like the White Witch of Narnia. :p

    Baph: We layered and bought a couple for the kids.

  4. says: SK

    LOL! :–) Sorry sorry, but didnt you check the weather?

    Cal cold is definitley, not East Coast cold, I told a guy who visited us from midwest in Nov, to bring sweaters and at the airport there he was already changed to shorts, saying it was warm!
    Always, always check the forcast, instead of asking locals. :–D Weather temp is only absolute, terms like chilly, hot, warm are all relative. :–D

  5. says: cydonian

    50’s, even the low 50’s seem rather warm to me! I mean, out here in the tropics, we barely do a 20 or a 25 these days (Granted, been raining heavily lately, but still)

  6. says: rads

    Pavan: Yes, the Gods connive well 😉

    Zhu: I LOVE cold anyday! This crib is coz I sure wasn’t prepared for the winds to lower temps so much. 🙂

    Cyd: er, we talking Celsius? :p

    DS: hmm.. do you have 4 distinct seasons? :p

    SK: I know, my bad. I was too busy and pre-occupied before we left. Usually am a better planner when it comes to traveling. This time everything was last minute.
    I did, the place is nice 🙂

    BPSK: True, consolation indeed. Sleep? Don’t ask, am up at 4 these days! 😀

  7. says: some body

    “Why in the world didnt any of you Californian brags warn me of the frikkin cold?!”

    13 years ago, hostelmate and his wife were planning a visit. i was to move into an apartment the weekend they were visiting. it was my first december in fl, had just moved from tx (and was enjoying the nice weather).

    pal asks what kind of clothing to bring – i say travel light. note: i am moving to new apartment, my stuff is still on its way from tx (this was the only time in my life when the company paid for relocation).

    pal stil reminds me of the couple of nights we slept in whatever thickest garments we could find – no blanket, no bed no furniture no nothing. brrrrr … and we went on a road trip that christmas forgetting that everything – including nasa – is shut that one day. we were very very very hungry by the time we got to this pizza place about 3 pm in the afternoon! now i know better than to go anywhere on christmas day!

    and, re: your complaint about irony, here’s my take:

    dec 16th weekend – nj … lots of snow
    dec 23rd weekend – nj … upper 20s low 30s but no snow (which was the purpose of the visit)

    “DS: hmm.. do you have 4 distinct seasons? :p”

    do either of you have year-round clothes? 😉

    – s.b.

  8. says: rads

    sb: lol – as Dushti says, Murphy’s Law 🙂

    ..misery loves company. My misery at least :p

    Dushti: Nee bayangara shmart illiyo? 😛

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