No, not talking about taxes, but more on our lives. The pluses and the minuses that we work with. The people who come in and people who leave.

Some walk on nice flat broad roads. Some do the thin beam. The more time one spends on either one, the more their personality changes. The mood changes. The person changes.

..and just like that, am remembered of Calvin and Hobbes.


People will come and people will go, but a stuffed Tiger cub will always be your best friend.

Here’s to all my friends. The ones that were, the ones that are, and the ones that never can be.


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4 replies on “balancesheet”
  1. says: Zephyr

    There is a column called ‘Assets’ in a balance sheet where the Hobbes of our lives are listed. And that is the most valuable of all. I love Calvin and Hobbes too 🙂

  2. says: My3

    Sniff, you squished out the tears from me, too Rads. I loved it. Yes, life is all about friends and our relationships not with the gifts we get or expect to get.

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