6.30 pm – Home

Getting dressed to go to a friend’s place for a Satyanarayana Pooja. Almost done, and in a sari, wrapping up. Munchkin walks in. Widens her eyes and smiles and says

“mommy, you so mombabel”

“eh? say that again?”

“mombabel. You looking so cute and mombabel”

“oh! what’s mombabel?”

“you know, like, see, like we say dora-babel”

“Dora? oh, like Dora?! haha, thanks munchkin!” *feeling happy I solved the lingo*

Munchkin slaps her forehead, rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips and says: “Mom. Listen to me. Come down here.”

“hmm.. ok” Kneeling down.

Cupping my face “not Dora mom. Remember akka says and you say? To me? A – do – ra- bable – that one. You are a mommy, so you are Mom-ba-bel!”

Laughing, I hug her and walk down the stairs. Compliments rare and sweet in nature make me feel all giddy! The most I’ve gotten from the husband’s been a raise of an eyebrow, and a nod of the head with a smile before he’d rush me out of the house. The older ones have said some stuff, but nothing as made up as a mom-bable.

Then I got greedy.

Related the whole story to the three in the family room, and made the munchkin say it again. In a good mood, she relents and repeats. She loves the attention she’s created.

After the repeat – son and daughter start laughing.

Daughter says to the son “You’re also thinking the same right? ”

Son” Yeah!” *giggle giggle* and then at me “But mom seriously, for a second I thought munchkin said “you’re abominable”

Daughter guffawing like crazy “haha, I know. Mom’s abominable” giggling and cackling uncontrollably.

Husband in a Buddha role enjoying it all silently.

Munchkin looks at them both and then at me and says “Gosh, stop it guys!” and stomps off to find her shoes, shouting back at the husband “Daddy, are we going yet?”.


Yeah, I know, we ought have our own show!

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20 replies on “mom’bable”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    “Yeah, I know, we ought have our own show!” Amen to that! I wonder what it will be called though.

    p.s. Munchkin could be the next Michelle Tanner.

  2. says: Lakshmi

    Ah..the husband lifts eyebrows and smiles when you dress up? Wow. YOU, lady, have a very expressive husband.
    The one I have might lift his eyebrows and smile if I wore a laptop. And the smile would be for the laptop, not me.

  3. says: rads

    Lakshmi: lol, well, the grass is always greener the other side, however pale it may be :–)

    daisy: :–)

    baph, bpsk: Can’t go wrong with “Full House meets Simpsons” :–)

  4. says: wickedtaurus

    Yay! Muah to the cutsey pie Munchkin i got a new word for ma sweet mom’bable 🙂

    I do confess on gaggling a bit on the “Mom’s abominable” 😀

  5. says: Pavan

    did she mean ‘mom+babe’-le? if yes, well then you need to be double proud 🙂

    PS: Cosby’s “kids say..” would be a cake-walk for her, na?

  6. says: rads

    Pavan: I am going to pretend you were serious and say “thank you!” :–)

    Munchkin’s quite the trip. Good times I live in. Tweens going on Teens and toddler going on tweens, while the mom decides to stay in high school. Imagine the poor ol’ man ;—)

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