sari kotha cheera [telugu]

A husband and wife share many special moments together. Some just a bit more private than the rest, a moment that stays just between the two pairs of eyes and their hearts. Then there are a few that happen during twilight.


Many a poet and a romantic has spent hours, dreams and thought trying to capture them into words, music, into re-creating the magic and aura of that single moment in time.

Our ghazals rise to the top in such genres. Then there are the softer tunes, amongst the many songs that are romantic and cozy. Then there are ones where the man hums out his dreams, desires and aspirations to the one who fulfills it all. To be at the receiving end of such love, attention and fondness even for short spans of time is a high. The kind that slips into your spine and sends shivers down into every cell of your body, waking them up quickly and suddenly, taking them into depths of love, passion and ultimate satiety.

This song below is from a popular telugu movie of the 90’s. It’s a low budget movie on family values, egos between husband and wife, the everyday struggles they face and the team they form to make it together. The attitudes the characters portray is tangible. Like seeing oneself on screen.Β  The man is an artist, designer of sorts and he designs this sari for his girl, and now wife. It’s crushing romantic and sweet. Fortunate is the lady πŸ™‚

I can listen to this song on a loop. Forever. Some of those words are heavy in meaning and SPB’s voice has always been divine, one that can carry the feeling through.

Movie: Pelli Pustakam
Lyrics:? (anyone?)
Music: KV Mahadevan


Lyrics – I tried doing a translation, but parts didn’t come through. English really falls short sometimes. If someone can do, please do so. I’d appreciate it.

sarikotha cheera oohinchinanu
sardala sariganchu neyinchinanu
manasu mamatha padugu peka
cheeralo chithrinchinanu
idi enno kalala kalanetha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha

muchata golipe mogali pothu ku mullu vasana oka andam
abhimanam gala aadapillaku alaka kuluku oka andam
ee andalanni kalabosa ne konguku chenguna mudivestha
ee andalanni kalabosa ne konguku chenguna mudivestha
idi enno kalala kalanetha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha

chura chura chupulu oka maru
ni chiru chiru navvulu oka maru
muthi virupulu oka maru
nuvvu mudduku sidham oka maru
nuvvu ee kalanunna ma cheera visesham allage
nuvvu e kala nunna ma baage ee cheera visesham allage

sarikotha cheera oohinchinanu
sardala sariganchu neyinchinanu
manasu mamatha padugu peka
cheeralo chithrinchinanu
idi enno kalala kalanetha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha
na vannela rasiki siri jotha

A better audio:


Lovely flute renditions.


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24 replies on “sari kotha cheera [telugu]”
  1. says: Praveen

    Never knew KVM composed music even in the 90s. This kind of picturisation was a template in the 90s for Telugu movies I suppose, which eventually rubbed off into the neighbouring film industries as well.

    I recollect a similar song picturised on Sneha and Srikanth. Bapu’s film again.

  2. says: Aleta

    English does fail at times with romantic words in translation. But..sometimes… when you hear a song in it’s native tongue, you don’t need a translation. Beautiful.

    1. says: rads

      Aleta, Yes! There’s a beauty in each language and music fine tunes each to bring out the best. To me, sometimes not understanding the words is suspenseful.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      1. says: Ms Taggart

        Nijjanga… enta manchi paata.. I heard it once again now!
        Btw, I forgot to write the first time..
        The fourth para in this post, the one that starts with Ghazals and goes on to describe the feeling of receiving the love.. its superb! So beautifully written.. chadivi ollu jaladarinchindi.. πŸ™‚ (anta kaka poina, ante anukondi! :))

  3. says: My3

    May I be totally shallow and say how lovely her white saree with the rangoli design is :-). My friend Kamaks, a Telugu would bring back the bestest(??) sarees from Nellore when she would go for Ugadi. Sighhhhh… I would drag my poor sainted mother everywhere to find those cottons πŸ™‚ More pictures of lovely handloom sarees please.

    1. says: rads

      lol, funny you say that about the sari. The whole misunderstanding and issues arise from that sari πŸ™‚

      Cotton saris are the best eh? πŸ™‚

  4. says: The kid

    Nice post. Melodious song. And this needs to reach all of AP/Hyderabad.

    Let me know if you need Hyderabad too… I can create it for you… (You know what I mean?)

  5. says: Sree

    naaku ee paata ante chaala chaala ishtam Rads… :).. in fact MUsically Sushlo next post ade anukuntunna meeru post chesesaru.. lovely kada.. true I used to try translating the songs I liked to benefit the readers, now I just stopped giving it a try even.. just cant do the justice justice kaadu asala 0.00000001% essence kooda capture cheyyalekapoyaa.. better just feel ani :).

  6. says: theishu

    Listened to this not less than a day ago. Could easily go down as an all-time best. And the movie too.

    RP rocks! πŸ™‚

      1. says: theishu

        And who can forget the immortal wedding song? It’s on every single Telugu wedding video since then.

        Mine included πŸ™‚

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