cutest ever

I had to post this and share my delight.

Karthik linked this out to me and omigosh, I kept going back to look at it every few minutes. Then since I have a large heart and I like to share my happiness and bring a smile to everyone else remotely passing me by, you do understand why I have to do this correct?

Picture 6Link: BoingBoing

Doesn’t this remind you of a dollhouse setup? Like for little girls. Yeah.

Stare at it hard enough and you will see little elves scuttling around before settling down for the evening. Ones with toolboxes tucked under their arms and snorting through the wires.

The lengths I go to despite an itchy throat, an intense headache and the beginnings of a flu. But hey, this got me going ‘aw’ and then I cackled into a long stretch of guffaws reading this break up letterĀ  written in all ernest! Warning: Please don’t click that if you can’t take a good adult joke.Well, actually, I liked the way it was written, forget the content.

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4 replies on “cutest ever”
  1. says: metlin

    Guys and their little guys. A perfect match made in heaven.

    (Unless you are a little guy yourself, in which case you’ve bigger, well, littler problems).

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