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We are just in February, and most of January was spent in bed, so maybe that has set the tone for this year, coz I feel like I need to drive myself and harness the most of me. Even make up for the lost time, which in retrospection, I seem to be always trying to make up for lost time, in phases.

Stuck in bed with a leg up in the air has its depressing moments and the impatience to get well and be on your two feet makes the monkey on your back quite agitated.

Then to calm that monkey, we go do things. Sometimes out of our regular programming just to feed that monkey.

That’s what I did. I am now doing the Squat Challenge (along with a bunch of ladies) coz we all want to have some nice looking derrieres by the time this darned polar vortex and harsh winter allows us some good looking jeans. Then there’s that added perk of strong quads and hips and everything else around them. Am doing just 30 with weights though, coz the PT looked at me like I was on some dope or something when I mentioned this challenge. 😐

Then I added on the Plank Challenge.  Just by myself, AND am so on top of it, that am bursting with pride while am doing the plank. Heh. Well, not really, am doing reps of 30 second planks. Think that works just fine, and I love planks anyway. Discovered that’s the best way to tame that mommy tummy from not succumbing to gravity. 🙂

Then yesterday I fell upon GoodReads 2014 Challenge. 

Yes, I signed up.

I have my reasons. The biggest being that I miss reading. I miss writing more, but unless we read, we cannot write, and I need to write and read and so I am reading.

I have so many classics and fabulous long list of authors and books lined up, in my head, in my bookcases and in lists all over from friends and websites, that it seems like a complete travesty to ignore them all. I asked, and dear Lavs said she ‘d join me and her reasons are very much aligned to mine. My husband who never really read books in all the years Ive known him, has now started chewing books faster than I can blink. The library is sending notifications to me every few days and am going out of breath forwarding them to him and keeping track of what he’s reading.

That is not going well with my already bruised ego and bookworm heart. So. I am reading too. Except that he has more patience with a book than I do. I realize that when he read Casual Vacancy and Inferno (both humungo volumes) and said they were “ok” – and I couldn’t go through the first couple of chapters and so conveniently “gave up on” – am a book snob, what can I say?

So if you are a reader and would like to help nudge me along, join me on Goodreads (all you really needs is to create an account) or just here on the blog or on Facebook.

Ready>? I am!

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