looking beyond

Remember her?

Lisa Ray

Yes, the very same Lisa Ray, the green eyed actress with a  pizzazz about her that one would find very appealing if one would allow it and not get blown away by the eyes or the attitude that she carries. Very un-bollywood-ish, I might add. The one that’s classy and seductive. Of course I speak of her performance in Bollywood Hollywood along with Rahul Khanna.

I fell in love with Rahul just like I think his brother – Akshaye – of Taal fame’s quite cool (yes, he held his own despite Aishwarya) but what totally threw me off was the girl in the film. I distinctly remember a few scenes, the one where she climbs a window of her parents’ home, the talk near the swimming pool at Rahul’s house, the bar scene and then the sweet romantic song that was as bollywoode-sque as it wasn’t. Don’t ask me to expain that, coz I am having difficulty articulating the effect of Rang Rang Mein on me.


Another spunky dance number and a favorite of mine – Sona Sona Roop Hai – one that I mixed into a Decade themed dance number and choreographed for my older kids in 2003 continues to be a favorite with the kids themselves and the ones who remember.

I haven’t seen her in any other movie or videos, though I believe she quite catches the eye for many others for various other reasons. It doesn’t matter to me. What however struck me since I’ve laid my eyes on her was that she was most definitely made of different material. She surely didn’t seem to be there for just the fame or  creating a niche as an actress, she may disagree and that’s fine, but this is my opinion while I saw her in the above mentioned movie.

I recently discovered her blog and have been reading her thoughts in words. Articulate, whimsical and humorous, without a trace of pity, dejection or might I even daresay self-effacing to an extent, she writes about her daily life and the changes that she is being forced to make as cancerous cells eat away at her body.

This line jumped at me. The way it seeped into her post a few times. The same words, the same thought and the same spunk that would see her be the foundation and see her through this.

But it’s never occured to me that I won’t get better.”

Lisa Ray

Support I am told comes in different ways and am hoping she’s drawing from all that she can find and chance her way out of this unlucky draw of cards she’s dealt with.

What amazes me is blogging about one’s own personal life (as I do and have done in the past) requires a certain amount of laissez-faire, a certain firewall, the kind that protects oneself from others thoughts and one that would comfort more than make vulnerable. I have been there. To lay bare one’s most personal details and of the journey that’s most definitely not pleasant for a reader, but something that’s got to be done, I would imagine takes a higher level of thinking. Especially if one does it for the true sakes of cleansing. Therapeutic too.

As I read the few admirably optimistic and reflective long posts she’s churned out,  I feel a sisterhood in a bizarre way. She is all of 37 years old. I am 37 years old. That can’t be it. Our lives are very different, yet I see little overlapping circles. Maybe it’s the woman thing. Perhaps it’s not Lisa Ray that I feel this with, but more for what she represents at this point in time. The fiercely strong young woman with a zeal to live.

..and then an inevitable selfish thought enters my head.

What if I was the one with the Myeloma? What if I were faced with what she is battling through? Would I break down and give up hope and let the cells take over or would I stretch the energy to the last drop and perhaps go down with a smile; not losing cheer.

That brings me to the place I’ve always believed. One never knows.

I really wouldn’t know, and I am not quite sure if there’s a part of me that wants to know either. ..but yet, if there’s a credibility in history, I think I know how I’d go.

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16 replies on “looking beyond”
  1. says: Praveen

    I have seen my mom battling cancer when I just stepped into my teen. Zeal and spirit is a huge thing, we don’t realise it is within us until adversity strikes. A new found courage arouses you and only then you realise you are alive and you ought to live life. No escape there.

    Lisa is a gorgeous woman. Read her blog ystd. Am sure her spirit and zeal will keep her going.

    *A Times of India poll named her the “ninth most beautiful woman of the millennium”.
    *Voted Star of the Future at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.

    I loved her on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Afreen Afreen
    and this song from Kasoor

    She even appeared in Tamil

  2. says: sraikh

    One of my friend who is 32 and has a 5 and 3 yr old has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a double masectomy and is going through rounds of chemo.Most days, all she can do is lift her head and try and make it to the bowl to throw up. She is an artist and hates that she is too tired to even paint. She blogs about her struggles and I dont know what to tell her each time I read her.

    And each time, I wonder what if it was me. What would happened to my kids? Who would I depend on.. And why am I worrying about my weight when she is going through so much.

  3. says: metlin

    Wow. That was a lot of some very profound writing (I hope, cause you had me at Lisa Ray – and after that, it’s all a muddle).

    She is one gorgeous woman. The world needs more gorgeous women (obviously alive and cancer-free, of course).

  4. says: Mahendra

    People who face terminal illness are often great sources of inspiration.

    Surprised you haven’t seen “Water”.

    I actually don’t like Garden sarees showing her old advertisements on Indian tv these days.

  5. says: Gradwolf

    “I actually don’t like Garden sarees showing her old advertisements on Indian tv these days.”

    That’s all even I had to say.

    “..and then an inevitable selfish thought enters my head.”

    Selfish is not the right word. Or maybe it is. :p

  6. says: My3

    I read about this a few weeks ago in another blog. I loved her in Hollywood…I felt very sad. One can only hope that there is a God and She can provide the strength, mentally and physically to stand up to this miserable illness. If wishes had any power then we hope that all our wishes will cure everyone of this 🙁

  7. says: maxdavinci

    there is one more thing you have in common, she is in Canada, and you lost yor ifone in Canada!

    whats with goin after silly deepa mehta movies, Kasoor by Vikram Bhatt and Takkari Donga with Mahesh, that’s more like it!

    also Lisa Ray is mega-hawt period!

  8. says: bookworm

    yes I read about her battle with cancer! so sad :(. I liked her in Bollywood/Hollywood that role suited her very well. But in Water, she was ok.

    actually Lisa Ray was in this episode of Psych on USA Network last Friday called Bollywood Homicide.

  9. says: M

    I feel so bad for her, but also inspired at the same time.She is taking each moment in life with grace. I loved her in ‘Kasoor’, Hollywood-Bollywood and Water. And of course I still remember her Afreen song.

    My younger brother used to have a huge poster of her in his hostel-room.

    May she join the Full Remission club soon!!!

  10. I think Lisa Ray is as close to a perfect 10 (in my book) as India has ever produced. Loved her in Bollywood Hollywood. It’s very sad what’s happening to her. Very seldom does one see celebs go through very publicized terminal illnesses, especially so early in their lives.

    And ditto gradwolf’s comment about Garden Saree ads.

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