no-breather weeks…

Too many events since the last week – before Spring Break. I am just gonna record them for now, so I don’t forget ;–) – will build and work on individual stuff laters.

1. Newport News – April 8th – Awesome showing. Tech Transfer team from GBW won the 1st place and move on to World Finals! yoohoo!
JUngle Bloke team won 4th place – was a tough fight.

2. The kids are just plain amazing. The program, the response and the participation of children, adults – mindblowing!

3. Dinno running a small business was a big headache especially and mainly during tax season. 😐 Spent a miserable 4 days pouring over my very nicely kept books. I had to have the new software – so let’s hope next year would be much smooth.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Nice to meet you! The gap’s getting closer, with the number of mails Ive been sending to different office bearers, parents, coaches, newspapers. I don’t see any rest until end of May.

5. My little girl has taken a complete reversal of personality. 8 days of spending unlimited time with the rest of the brats at home, not to mention her dad, has made her very stubborn, very naughty and incorrigible. She can just fall down plop on the floor, and cry and whine, and make sure one of us goes and beats up an imaginary being or sometimes even her bro! She then carries on with a smug smile on her cutesy face.. very sweet, but incorrigible.

6. Saw a bunch o movies. RDB, Athadu[tel] Waqt and Family, and Son of Mask.
5 stars, 2 stars, 1 star, 1 star and 4 stars. not necessarily in the same order 🙂

7. Lesson learnt – one cannot force science fair projects down a kids’ throat, especially if the kid is yours.

8. Started Pilates classes – and yes, am the proud winner of one-who-cannot-bend-touch-my-forehead-on-the-mat-award. The instructor says we should be able to fall asleep in that position, but I am only painfully made aware of all the gluteal muscles, and the rest of them that are screaming in agony. God save me.

9. Desis are an egoistic dumb lot. Lose in one election, and they go form a new group, and they boast of Objectives like – unity, culture and o the best one – to promote better understanding between their own members. Go figure!

10. Spring is here, and I can’t hide under the woollens anymore. Oh yay!

11. PTA means business. In fact, it should be renamed MTA – and they do ‘ayes’ and ‘all in favors’ and keep minutes, and have a full-fledged working mom as a treasurer and yea.. it’s serious business. Good for the school system!


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  1. says: madsies

    Whoa one hectic err..spring break?!lol @ “8 days of spending unlimited time with the rest of the brats at home, not to mention her dad, has made her very stubborn,”
    Maybe I watched only 2 movies out of the 5 u have mentioned 🙁 He he @ pilates classes!
    You take the cake for maintaining a busy and yet not_breaking_down shcedule ! Enjoy 🙂

  2. says: Saranya Kishore

    Woah, looks like you are buuzzzzy 🙂
    Job+ family = nightmare but fun nevertheless no?
    Take care and have fun :))

  3. says: rads

    I lost a whole nice detailed comments 🙁

    Madsies – as every stage presents itself, we get good at it, so you will be one such busy mom too. Just u wait 😉

    KC – girly-girls are cute! I have one of each – a tomboy and a girly-girl and they are amazing in their own ways.

    SK – o yes, busy busy, and at the end of the day accomplishment seems a far-fetched term. It’s all fun depending on when u talk to me 😉

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