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Feb 12th 2008

Hello Jenny,

       How are you doing today? You will see that I have given you a small memento as it is buddy week. It is my favorite chocolate! Do not feel that you are obligated to indulge in this chocolatey goodness. For a compliment, your handwriting is very nice, similar to that of a Word document printed off a computer and your desk is neat. Well Done!

I shall be on the lookout for the many kind deeds that I must be able to perform as it is my task in the week of buddies.

Regards,  Buddy


The son would make a girl very happy someday if he keeps at this rate. He compliments and does not force chocolates down on girls. Chocolates of his choice. Such goodness.

…. and in tune with most boys who do the whole enchilada and then go put their feet in their mouth, is his last line.

He’s growing well. I can rest easy now.

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  1. “Do not feel that you are obligated to indulge
    in this chocolatey goodness.”

    You may return it to me and I would have no problem whatsover in finishing it off!! It’s my favourite remember!!

    Your boy is really smart!!

  2. says: rads

    gds: lol, well, at least he has this priorities in order 😀

    Prestid: o no, this wasnt a love note. More like something that all had to do in class. Buddy week, so surprise your buddy with an act of kindness and a gift sorts.
    lol@ur note 🙂

  3. says: guruprasad

    i think all guys go through this phase where attempts at conversation with the fairer sex leaves them sweaty and tongue-tied or they demonstrate great expertise at ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ disease!

    loved your ‘silent p-ing’ post 🙂

  4. says: rads

    Priya: perfect! Just when I was running outa ideas to post on 🙂

    Guru: hehe, such comfort in treading familiar paths. 🙂

    Pavan: He told me, it’s like Arial font. 😀
    I know the kid, she was on a team I coached last year. Perfectionist. In many ways.

    CW: I donno! He brushes past it. Daughter’s working on doing some sleuthing for me. 😉

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