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It’s been a so-so week, goals have been okay, but I’ve been extremely caught up in de-cluttering home, garage included and that is a monster that really ought not be woken. I did, and now I can’t get it to rest. Catch is am a groupie. I can attack anything mundane as getting rid of old toys and lawn tools from the last decade as long as am not enveloped in silence.

I was, so I dragged each kid out and then they each balked at the idea in their own unique styles and I blew my top and threw them all out. Well, I was out, so they all came in. Pottered around some more, couldn’t take it any longer and here I am taking a break, with the garage still a mess.

On the flip side, the weather is just stupendously gorgeous. Slightly sunny, in the 80’s, with slight breeze and my deck is to die for, courtesy me and my daughter. Like munchkin put it “it’s like being in Hawaii” – not that we’ve been there, but the girl knows her way around the map and she knows a pretty sight when she sees it.

So things are pretty much status quo.

So here we go:

1. Remove sugar. Eradicate it ultimately. I plan on reducing it for the first week to 1 tsp and then we make our way down further.

Done. Am actually doing quite well here, and will shift to no sugar and maybe Splenda next month. 

2. Do an hour of work with munchkin every day. 2 pages of math, 1 page of comprehensive reading and then work on our “person of the week” project. It’s Hilary Clinton for this week.

Clinton’s done well, though I never got around to doing the scrapbook as planned. I asked her to choose and she went Justin Beiber and Miranda Cosgrove on me. 😐 I gently steered her from there, and we will be doing Michelle Obama instead. The plan is to read about known and lesser known women who have made a difference around the world, and we will get there. I’ll do some male personalities too, but maybe one after every 3 or so women.  

In her defence, she did want to learn about Vineeth, as she is currently obsessed with Ami je Tomar; the hindi song version of Ra Ra from Chandramukhi and wants to perform for that dance.

3. Hug each of my kids and tell them one good happy thing they did or are, every single night before I shoo them upstairs. (It has to go on record that two of them are at a stage where they cannot absolutely stand any human contact, especially if the contact comes from parents. )

The hugs have dwindled with the older two, but not consciously, just that they are in an age when physical contact is frowned upon. I try and spend some time with each and as pleasantly as possible, and that’s good for now. Munchkin is a touchy huggy person, so we are hugging away to great glory.

4. Write one post/review or some material to be published once a week. That would mean 4 by Labor Day.

I haven’t written as such, but review I did as seen below. Have a draft (not a review but a short story/flash fiction) on and aim to get it out tomorrow. 

5. Spend 15 minutes every day on Yoga: Breathing and stretches.

Yea, so-so. Can’t wait for September classes. 

6. Read. One book a week. At the very least.

Working on Amulya Malladi’s Song of the cuckoo bird, and, I love it so far. Am on Goodreads and will review there, so if you are on and interested, would love to share your reads as well. Have a modest goal to complete 10 books by December 31st and I am optimistic. 

So that’s that and we will work on it as much as we can for the next fortnight. It’s unfortunate that I am not hugely on twitter for me to see others updates, but hope they are on it too. Regardless, I’ll troop on!

For a few reasons, I have disabled comments for the time being. I always appreciate feedback and my page will have to work for now. Thanks to the few of who mailed me a welcome note. It is indeed heartening to be remembered (after my long break) and for all the right reasons. Thank you and may the goodness last.

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