Arvind Swamy- ayyooo!

Peeked into lazygeek’s blog this morning, and got the shock of my life.
Arvind Swamy, the cool dude from Loyola/Chennai, and the hit movies Roja and Bombay just ballooned out a good deal. That was just cruel. Very sad.

For the life of me, I do not get why the smart handsome actor just lost it. He is frikkin bald now, and looks huge, not just his body, but the neck’s disappeared, and he had to grow a goatee. No guesses why- ok, if you are still waiting for why- that’s what balding guys do. They grow facial hair to compensate. It’s like in the grand scale of events the balance must be maintained.

Now for the rhetoric lapse into philosophy – why does one put on so much weight, esp men! They don’t have to deal with hormones, childbirth and pregnancy where one can put on astonishing number of pounds or just plain “sitting at home and enjoying a slice of pound cake, or the neighbors experiments with gulab jamun”[that’s what men think women do if they stay at home] or whatever. Stress does take its toll, and Ive seen a few friends go rotund occasionally, but this guy beats me.

Very upsetting.

I still think he has an awesome set of eyes and a sharp profile if we can look past or under as the case may be, all that cellulite.
damn you Arvind Swamy!

PS- I do not have a problem with cellulite or chubby folks, merely extremely disappointed to see this cute guy whom I was in love with while in high school become not-so-cute. It just doesn’t make sense.

PPS – Tabu is such a darling! She looks extremely sweet and angelic in the picture.

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14 replies on “Arvind Swamy- ayyooo!”
  1. says: rads

    really?! hmm..who is this Sakshi? I am soo out of Tamil heroines, don’t get to watch much movies.

    I read up on AS, and boy, am impressed with his CEO skills. Who cares for looks while you rake up moolah eh? Same case scenario with the chess guy – Anand. I was in love with his brains – same batch graduating high school 😉

    Happy New Year!

  2. says: Terri

    Oh, god, to think I wanted this balloon to crush me in his arms, like he did Manisha K. in Bombay! This picture brought me back to earth with a resounding thud.

  3. says: parijaatha

    My best friend had a major crush on him.I have half a mind to send her this link and ruin her day 😉

  4. says: Sai

    Whoaaaaaa! He looks massive. Quite a shock.

    And that girl is Sakshi Sivanand. You might remember her from Chiranjeevi’s Master or Krishna Vamsi’s Samudram.

  5. says: Amrita

    I can not believe my eyes… gawd i was madly in love with this guy… i remember that once i wrote to him for his autograph. After getting that, I took it to my skool and told my friends that hez my b/f :-).. i had a photo book filled with his photos …

    today i am shocked to see him like this… i share the same feeling with you.

  6. says: Rebecca J

    I loved his acting and ofcourse his looks in “Roja” and “Bombay” but hey, I think he still looks good and I see a guy who is comfortable in his own skin and confident in himself instead of resorting to wigs and other such props. In the end it is what is inside a person that matters and to the people who probably know him well, he must be the same Arvind Swamy regardless of how he looks and that is what matters ultimately. I just wish I knew him.

  7. says: Yadunandan

    I luv u aravind swamy.,wht an actr he z.,wht a performr,i hvn’t ever seen an lyk him.,hw magicaly he acts..,sir great respect 2 u.,its my request sir plz cum bck .

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