grad parties…

Too many invites.

Every Saturday of this month, there’s a grad party that we are forced to go. It’s the usual circus. Family and friends, kids and elders [it’s summertime remember?] with the usual pakoras, samosas and appetizers vying with the alu palaks, and channa masalas and what not. It’s the usual glittering saris, the same jewelry, and the same DJ’s with the same music.
It’s the same ok, well, not same, but the usual trip down memory lane of the embarrassed graduate. Show him off in his underpants, his 1st shaven head, toothless smiles, his first day of school, playing basketball, with cake on his face, getting his drivers permit, and finally in his grand gown at the Hi-school graduation.

The poor dude is kicking himself in his rear wishing he’d rather be partying with his friends, than suffer the ‘aunties’ hugs and’kongrates’ ‘ohhhh, look at our Sanju, how big he’s become’ so off he is going to sunny California, leaving us old people shivering in this winter eh? or ‘oh Bhabhiji, please keep an eye on your son eh, he is such a handsome fellow, some gori will get her claws into him before we blink an eye’.

At a recent party, I actually took snapshot of this guy with such a forlorn look on him, while he stood like a palm tree between all the glittering shrubs. If it were a comic strip, he’d have bubbles over his head leading to “kill me now, just kill me”

all said and done, it’s a day of happiness, of pride and a moment to reflect on what a tiny little thing has grown into and accomplished.

Note to myself – I will most definitely embarrss my kids too – hehe, when else would we parents enjoy such drama – coz once the kids leaves home, he does leave home! The wedding if they decide to involve us is another whole huge circus that only you hope you are a particpant of some kind. Inactive will work, just like in the security clearances. It really isn’t worth anything, but hey, you show that off anyway correct?

June rocks! 🙂

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7 replies on “grad parties…”
  1. says: madsies

    LOL – eat those samosas, pakoras, u glitter among them and secretly laugh @ the poor grad and then go give him a hug and say Congrats!

    Enjoy ma 🙂

  2. says: Archana

    “If it were a comic strip, he’d have bubbles over his head leading to “kill me now, just kill me”

    LOL :-D… I guess all parents love to show off their kids’ accomplishments. I guess the kids do it to their kids just to spread the misery around ;-)!

  3. says: rads

    archana – totally! ;-))

    Wait a sec – you called me a ‘kid’ and then you wink???!!
    aaarghhh, where’s the nearest cliff?!


  4. says: Usha

    Interesting to get to know about desis’ lives on the other side. I guess such rituals make a good excuse for people to get together in an otherwise busy world.

  5. says: rads

    Usha – thanks for dropping by. Yeah, that would have been the case at one point in time, but now, there are just too many of us with too many excuses, that we are forced to decline on an occasional time.

    It’s a lot of fun though 🙂

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