36 Chinatown [Hindi]

Saw this movie last weekend.

If you are a normal sur-blooded deewana desi, then you can’t help fall in love with the 1st song. In second speed, your toes would tap away with no control. The movies treats you to the slow number for starters and then notches the remix up for the titles towards the end. I am pretty sure, that is proabably the number 1 song in all the various countdowns in the TV channels.

aashiqui meri

Himesh Reshmiyya is bringing in some fresh music. I hate his guts and all the panga he threw during the ‘saregama’ challenge etc, but can’t deny that the music is’nt worthy. Topiwala is n’t too bad.

The movie is nice. Entertaining. Very thin murder plot, and not much of a mystery. This is probably becos I grew up on Perry Mason, and Nancy Drew’s and stay up late watching CSI, Law&Order, and House. In any case, it wasn’t much of a thriller, but for a single viewing, it’s paisa vasool.

Kareena and Shahid should start calling themselves the Kapoor twins. They are beginning to look like they are attched at the hip!

Akshaye is cute. I like him despite his toupee 😉

The rest are chalega.

rating ****

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3 replies on “36 Chinatown [Hindi]”
  1. says: Baliga

    god.. hindi films. most are seriously nonsensical.. cant sit through them.. but love hindi film songs. and louve aashiqui meri.. remix and the original,

  2. says: rads

    true, but sitting here, we probably appreciate them a little more considering they are our link to ‘home’ – either case, 2 out of 10 are worth it.
    Frankly, I would say there’s more to a movie than just the story – for me the whole presentation matters and songs, music, camera – it’s one complete package.


  3. says: Beth

    I love “Aashiqui Meri” too, mainly the remix – but not as much as “24×7 I Think of You,” which gets stuck in my head all the dang time.

    And hooray for Akshaye 🙂

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