potpourri 7

Too many things happening and a potpourri is so overdue, so here goes:

1. The daughter has started off on a 2 year trip towards ‘gorgeous perfect smile-ville’. She has braces on her top row, and expanders above and below. Enough metal to start off the alarms at any security gate at a decent mile range. She thinks she can be the next bully in town just by opening her mouth. The poor thing has issues eating anything though, which also means now I have to get creative about cooking mushy foods for her. It’s going to get challenging packing lunch for her once school starts again next week.

2. The house feels like a tornado. it’s amazing how much food gets consumed and dishes get piled, and books get strewn when folks are sitting at home. Munchkin’s become a complete junk food goblin. Husband refuses to say ‘no’ to her, and she knows it. The power of the pout indeed. She even says “you can’t catch me’ before she laughs and scoots all around the house as I try unsuccessfully to tame her down.

3. Talking of food, in a valiant attempt to get the family eat healthier and sick of cooking the same veggies, in an adventurous trip yesterday to Costco, picked up a 3 lb bag of Asparagus. Decided I’d cook it today and jumped on the net to find some interesting recipes, though I was told by my sister to pretend they were beans and just cook it usual desi style. As I search, I decide to tap the network. Find 3 boys on chat. No girls. One guy I know does’nt care for food and is clueless about cooking, the 2nd guy can eat well but sure as hell couldn’t tell the difference between a cucumber and zuchhini, so my hopes rested with the 3rd. As always my rescuer, he tapped his network and got me a smashing recipe for Asparagus pachadi [chutney] . Yessir, delicious telugu style, and tasted just like tindora.

So without further ado, I chopped and cooked a curry and a chutney much to the shocked looks of the husband, though later on, he quietly polished it all off and refused to look into my eyes up until now.

4. In the middle of making this dinner, the kids bathroom’s commode decided it would continue to flow and not stop. Just like that, out of the blue. Ice cold water kept gushing like the clear springs as I arrived on the scene. Guppies could’ve survived in the depth of the thick 2 inch layer collecting on the floor. So hurried shutting the water, and then search for mops which would never be where they were sposed to be. Luckily, I’d piled a collection of old clothes to give away and used them one by one, as the whole family walked in, from a “chakkar” trip, on me while munchkin screams “but mommy, ew, you are using my shirt” and then “oh my gosh, is that my pants?” and husband goes “why you using old curtains, just use old towels, they pick up water much quicker” . Such arbit quips, safe on the dry carpets while I stand in cold water with my pants hitched to my knees looking dangerously calm than my maid back home did in similar situations.

5. Suddenly too many nice people are dying. Artists. Sujata, Clarke, Raghuvaran and then today Shobhan Babu. I had a major crush on Raghuvaran when he first debuted in Tamil seriels. His voice, Lord his voice. Tall, bone-thin, sunken cheeks, and the commanding powerful way he’d speak. Brilliant. What a waste of a life. Shobhan Babu – his last daughter is the same age as I and we were friends in a quiet way. His sister and family rented our home for a while back in Madras and thats how we knew them, apart from the fact that my mom thought he was the most handsome hero ever on telugu screen, and was a huge fan of him. Vague rememberance of him from when I was 12 or so, and clearly remember him being very solemn, quiet and respectable.

6. In other news the wretched lump is back, and am scheduled to go under the plates next week. No fun.

7. One cousin brother – all of 24 years old is happily typing the knot on Sunday in India to someone he claims is his junior at college, and insists that it was “arranged” . Sure, I believe him. He’s a fun chap and a favorite cousin of ours, wish I could’ve gone for his wedding. His fiance didnt send too nice a vibe to my mail, so am a little anxious. Ah well, as they say, every man changes with the wedding, and so he can be written off too. I don’t like it though. My husband didn’t, but he probably belongs to some rare breed they don’t make anymore.

8. Talking of whom, I saw a video of us over the christmas holidays and felt I looked well, fat. In an attempt to garner some sympathy [I never learn after 14 years] from the husband who was just walking in from a trip to the Home Depot, I said “I am so fat!” and he looked up at me quite puzzled at what he heard and said “Yeah, you are.”

I then wail loudly “you aren’t supposed to say “yes” ” – to which he comes around puts his hand on my middle and says “you are teen-bachey-ki-ma, it doesnt matter anymore, you’re fine. ” and walks off to fertilize and fatten the shrubs and the trees. In the meanwhile I polished off the remaining Dibs carton, though I absolutely hate the peanut butter flavor.

9. Finally watched Om Shanti Om. Nice and entertaining, however ridiculous and unreal it may be. Thats the whole charm of bollywood. Drown your realities away in silliness, just like some bloggers do it in humor, some in poetry, some in songs, and some others just write..

10. At work they’ve started “March Madness” – Basketball Bracket – just like fantasy football. I staunchly voted for my alma mater, only to be told now by my son that they lost. Humpf. So much for gambling, no luck there too!

11. There’s a new girl at work, and am stuck with her. She’s nice and I had interviewed her earlier, and then don’t quite know why, along with her thank you note, she sent me a poem of hers. I just hope she works better.

12. Theres’ a void within, quite like the one you have when you try fitting a square peg in a round hole.

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14 replies on “potpourri 7”
  1. says: Archana

    Oi – good luck with the test!

    Acho, doesn’t your husband know the rule? Only you are allowed to say you are fat! Tsk, tsk.

    And an employee gave a poem? Hehehheehhe :-D! What poem was this?

  2. says: Praveen

    lol @ ur husbands comment. Running around the house chasing the little one shud reduce ur weight if u think ur fat 😀

    Men changing after marriage, I have seen that a lot with my older cousins bros too.

    Howz the bathroom commode now?

    Good luck with the test.

  3. says: rads

    Praveen: No clue – I have a red sign saying “you poop, you scoop” – That should keep folks away.

    Archana: As I said, the husband is a man on his own. What works for the rest of the men no work on him.
    The poem’s a piece of art. Dying to share 🙂

    Pavan: Freudian slip :–)

  4. says: sushma

    hmmmm.. I loved these guys too, sad to know that they are no more.. :(.. same pinch, my mom’s fav too :).

    yay!! on asparagus pacchadi, share the recipe.

    Bathroom commode.. oopsie, I can imagine your plight!!

  5. says: rads

    BPSK: Soup sounds like a plan. Next time 🙂

    Sushma: lol, sure. Will post it?
    Don’t ask, though thakfully, it wasn’t bad, just water. :–)

  6. says: bApHoMEt

    dang! if only i was online for a chat. we coulda fixed us up a nice asparagus delight that would make your family hire me fulltime as a maid. hmmmm.

    but then, i might have to mop up the bathroom. so its a good thing i wasnt online.

    it was a shock to me too. that Clarke died. (in all honesty, i thought he was already dead. i have a tendency to confuse between asimov and clarke. its a stupid tendency. but i am sure one of ’em is from sri lanka though)

  7. says: rads

    Nandita: Thank you. :–)

    Ok: Yes, it’s a fine place. Loved my time there, just wish I could’ve been just a student too :–)

    Baph: lol, sure and t’wud have turned out an aviyal :-))

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