Palakkad Tamil.

Love it. The very first time I got introduced to it was during undergrad school. My good friend there was from the area and to hear her speak Tamil was like music to my ears. Especially since I was more tuned to madras bashai.  When I did meet her mom, she spoke such musical “tamil” to me, that I was quite clueless on what she was talking, that unless my dear friend helped me out, I’d just stare blankly at her. Quite the charade we were. Such fun, and such good times! 🙂

In any case a friend forwarded this link and I laughed so much feeling quite like the looney at the end of the day. TGIF!

The scene captures such light-hearted banter and humor that seems long gone in present day movies. Kamalhassan rocks, so does Delhi Ganesh. The movie itself was super fine! 

Enjoy a scene from Michael Madana Kama Rajan!


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26 replies on “palakkad”
  1. says: deitaDi

    lolli lolli!

    “I mean what I mean – but they cant be so mean – ellaarum meen meen karaa”

    “graamamu kuk-aa, neengalum cook-u”

    much too much I say! Crazy Mohan at his best! 😀

  2. says: BPSK

    LOL, nice clip. Although being a Tam from Kerala, I do take issue with calling it Palakkad Tamil – it should really be Kerala Tamil. Sort of like calling all Southies as Madrasis (see my post on that ;-))

    Couple of other points:
    – When Urvashi says ‘ayayaye’, that’s pretty authentic. Kerala Tamil has a whole vocabulary around single repeating syllables (‘ayayaye’, ‘ohohoooo’, ‘ahahhaaa’ – meaning respectively, ‘no’, ‘oh my Karta-vay’ and ‘I don’t know’). I conducted several training sessions on these sounds after my wedding. 😀
    – I don’t think ‘puriyalai’ is Kerala Tamil. It should be ‘manasa-la-galai’?


  3. says: rads

    BPSk: hehe, knew you’d take off on this 😉 Manasa-la-galai is right of course!
    But you know, for me I knew the girl was from there, so I just associated it with it. Now be a sport and laugh will ya? 😛

    Deitadi: Antha mee daya 😀

  4. i think this is one film where the heroine overtook kamal. Urvashi was extra ordinary with here timing and performance. Loved the way she carried herself and her palkad accent.




    naekum nokuma?

    aiyo eeswara…. ”

    When kamal says these dialogues…u must watch urvashi talk with her eyes…wow such rare talent….

  5. says: Ok

    I love the movie! I always have it on my computer. I once almost killed my brother when I was a kid cauze he recorded some stupid filmfare awards over this.

    And Delhi Ganesh is the most underrated actor in Tamil cinema!

  6. says: Baliga

    lol.. one of the few tamil films i have seen. i loove this one. 🙂

    the one with suriya and jyothika(whr he is a cop??) and boys are the only other tamil films i ahve seen in from start to finish.. boys was a waste of my precious time.

  7. says: Bala

    What a cracker! Such clean fun is evergreen.

    I had a colleague in Chennai, when queried about her husband’s job said “He Ran Away”. (Odittar, in Tamil). A few of us Tamils were puzzled and later it unfolded that her husband was an Auditor!

    Nice Nentharangai comedy.

  8. says: rads

    Bala: It is fun! lol@auditor 🙂

    Dushti: hehe, na, I like it. Mainly coz I don’t try and understand it too much, it’s just sooo musical. 🙂
    Thanks@earlier post. 🙂

    Baliga: MMKR was an all round success. Surya was smashing in that movie. 🙂

    OK: lol. Are you sure you tried killing bro and all, I mean, how could you? 😛

    Giri: I feel sorry Urvashi didn’t quite make it up. She has an expressive face.

  9. says: kutti

    believe it or not…. I was watchin MMKR b4 reading this post!!! I had gone half way thro it, until the first aalmaaraattam between raju n madan……. took a break n visit ur page n I see this!! whoosh!!

  10. says: Zhu

    Sorry, that’s outside my language expertise !

    But there are a lot of fun movies in Tamil and I sometimes whish I could speak the language.

  11. says: rads

    Zhu: You know tamil? :O wow! Then you should learn it, you seem quite the linguist. I could teach you, just that ultimately you’d be speaking a tamglish 😀

    KC: hehe, freaky huh? 🙂

  12. says: Maverick

    hmmm i can understand a bit of tamil, but not enough to watch a scene frm a Tamil movie. But yeah, I have heard Tamil too has many dialets like all the other languages and I’ve also heard Tamil frm coimbatore area is beautiful

  13. says: Archana

    Ooooh – this is one of my all time favorite movies and this scene is one of my all time favorite scenes :-D! I can reel off pretty much any dialog from the movie :-D! I was looking at the exact same scene on Youtube just a few days back :-D!

  14. says: rads

    Archana: lol, gosh, aren’t we the youtube hogs. 😀

    deitaDi: Edo, mee daya, see how many folks are loling 🙂
    Meerenti, youtube-vasool-Raja na? 😛

    Viky: It IS a good piece. Glad you liked it 🙂

    Madhu: Yeah, some fun times watching the movie eh? 🙂

    Maverick: Yes! For ex, take me out of Madras, and I am quite handicapped. The Madurai tamil is sooooo pure, and then there’s Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, etc etc. Languages and dialects are fascinating!
    Did you see the Telugu remake of MMKR tho?

  15. Kamal ofcourse was authentic, but i felt Urvasi could have worked on hers a bit more. Trichur bashai is yet another ballgame. My Chitti & Co go on with : Vaangol, poongol, okaarungol. And they settle in Bombay and still manage not to lose their tongue, very authentic.

  16. says: lakshmi

    None but Kamal could have handled it with so much elan. Kamal truely rocks. There is another movie (that bombed at the box office), called “Nala Damayanthi” where Madavan does the palakkad thing. Chocolate boy image + Palakkad thamizh was a cute combination, although he comes nowhere near Kamal.

  17. I’ve seen Nala/D, but dont remember exactly as it was a case of bad print. Kamal is just too good at anything he does (this stmt is just for Kamal fans ), but I have to hand it to Madhavan in Anbe Sivam. With his intermix of Indian/Brit English(bloody hell) and Tamil and his 20something irritatedness, he really tried to be on par with Kamal in that film.

  18. says: rads

    Upsi: Am like an Avial. 😀
    My genes are Telugu, I know some Tamil, and Hindi. A dash of malyalam, kannada and bengali to boot.

    TAAMom: hehe, Feel free, no problems 🙂

    TaaMom, Lakshmi: Maddy is super cute, he comes close to Kamal in the cute/versatility factor. Nala D was fun! Anbe Sivam was even nice. I loved the movie. The nice parts. 🙂

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