Oktoberfest chez moi

My dear sister is a shoe freak. Really. She is a nice size 8, so the choices are humongous. Lucky her.  I don’t quite share the same enthusiasm not because I don’t fancy them but just because my size is hard to get *sigh
That does not prevent me from oggling at beauties. So the nice girl that she is, decided to gift me with a shoe calendar last Christmas. Yes, it’s a calendar of 365 shoes picked from a shoe museum – The Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum, Waalwijk, Netherlands . Showcases the bizarre, the ancient, the incorrigble, the uncomforable and the modern. If not anything it’s provided me with entertainment as I look forward to flipping the page to discover what folks once wore or imagined as art pieces.

This workplace is an almost all-girls place, and most are young with a fancy bordering on fetish for some towards shoes, and my calendar has been quite the morning stop for most. It’s a conversation starter alright!

So, Ive been meaning to guss up the bare gray walls of my cube for a while now, and it suddenly struck me as to why not use the earlier days shoe pics to do it. So yesterday between shuttling meetings and no work, figured I’d stick some choice ones up. Of course since am cursed with wanting to always climb up a level of thought, I went ahead and decided to make a theme out of it! I mean, you try choosing the cute ones between 100 or so shoes! A theme sounded like a perfect way to be fair to all.

So this is the idea

October – fall colors, and halloween.

The angle at which I get to see some beauties/horrors.


This is what folks see as they walk past and stopover.



I tell ya, the excitement in our tiny place is tangible and there’s laughter in the air! Everyone’s now wondering how November would turn out.. am not telling!  


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20 replies on “Oktoberfest chez moi”
  1. says: bApHoMEt

    When you told me about this whacky stunt you pulled off at work, i did not actually understand the scale of it. But now that I see the monstrosity that it is, I must say that I am bowled over – not so much over the shoes, but over how utterly jobless you sometimes can be.


    That must be a laugh riot at work.

  2. says: Madhu

    Hey i think it is a very cretive idea! My office room is so *greyed*! But WOW how did u manage doing this in between your meetings?! Vetti???? 😛

    Let me know if you hv job openings there 😀

  3. says: rads

    pilgrim – What monstrosity?! It’s my cube! Even the CEO, a 70 year old ex-Inspector General had a good time laughing. You know, you really should search for your funny bone! :p
    If that isn’t creative, I donno what is! 🙄

    Madsies – yes, there’s an opening if you’re a health lawyer 😉
    re Vetti – it’s the vetti [the calm] before the storm 😐

  4. says: BPSK

    Shoe p*orn, is what you should called this post. I am surprised someone didn’t come up with this idea sooner.

    Now if someone would only come up with a calendar that features Mark Levinson, Runco, Nakamichi, Martin Logan, Bravia, Polk, Pioneer etc. etc., the male half of your office can fill up their walls too.


  5. says: some body


    “re Vetti – it’s the vetti [the calm] before the storm”

    in spite of the storm [here], i hear you (those loud pictures probably helped!). 😉

    those shoes all look like they’re carved out of pumpkins. maybe you can actually carve a pumpkin in the shape of a shoe and set it on your desk (october 30th). 😉 wonder if your good ole ceo will notice!

    last year, i had put photos of mountain peaks (from old calendar) on my wall – i have pulled them down since then.


    yeah, where is your funny bone? dog ate it, eh? 😉

    – s.b.

  6. says: Pavan

    You got me here: “This workplace is an almost all-girls place, and most are young..” Does your company have an opening? Could I submit my resume? I am *not* desperate, just single 😀

  7. says: Ok

    Where do you get the enthusiasm to write beautiful posts, cook, cheer people up with such cute things:). I am impressed.

  8. says: bApHoMEt

    @Prestidigitator: I am with you on that. But then, if I get a calender of classic movie posters, or the michelin calender, or…(i refrain).

  9. says: rads

    Baph, Prestid – It’s girlstuff, just as perhaps for you guys as Baph refrained mentioning what he’d actually could pin up on his walls if he could 😉
    As I was telling someone, half of you should check and buy “fun” on Amazon :p

    OK – lol, it happens when you start thinking outside the box 😉
    Jokes apart, thank you for seeing the post for what it truly is. It was something fun, not my proclamation for love of the footwear, which is quite non-existent! 🙂

    Terri – Yes, comes with the job description of a husband I suppose.

    Pri – Finally!! Thank you. It’s pageaday.com . Most Borders or such sell them, just wait a month for 2008. 🙂

    Deitadi – 🙂

    Pavan – Sure thing, maybe I’d get lucky and get this guy kicked out and have you in his place. I won’t have to suffer through this!

    sb – our ceo has a wonderful sense of humor. The few guys at work are actually amused that I am helping redefine their workplace. Life’s short, no time to get all serious 😉
    Pumpkin carving – see, that I somehow can’t seem to master.

    BPSK – There is no male-half – just perhaps a 1/5th. Sadly. The turkish hunk’s got some car models on his desk, right plonk next to Markov Theory model whatever! Whatever ticks you know 🙂

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