so what’s your count?

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  1. says: rads

    geez! I used to have 0 and then I got ambitious and bit more than I can chew. 😐

    You could’ve lied and told me a couple o hundred just to make me feel better. Bah!

  2. says: daisy

    I dont like leaving things unread know wat? I am hooked to you blog since yesterday and I have been going through your archives and reading random posts!

    You are so much fun.. When I am a mom, I hope to be atleast 50% as fun as you are..I lovvvvvve ur munchkin.. just too cute..

  3. says: rads

    Daisy: You sweet sweet girl! Thank you! Now, I really wish you could somehow make the husband [mine that is, not yours!] see me the same way!


    Munchkin’s cute coz she’s not yours. She’s a terror in disguise :–))

    Prestid: Nice save. Not buying ..

  4. says: daisy

    I wish you lived in Sanjose ( now you know where I live).I have an aunt who is just like you( not to make you feel old… if it is any consolation, she is only 35ish). She used to live in Fl and now she lives in far away Thailand :).You sound so much like her 🙂

    See above comment about being hooked?
    hence proved 🙂

    WRT munchkin- I refuse to belive that any amount of devilishness can live inside such perfection !

  5. says: bApHoMEt

    i thought you would have more than that. mine never goes down below 300. and i read them twice a day. all the blogrols, the tech news, the entertainment news, the world news, the news from india, latest torrent releases…phew!

  6. says: Pavan

    thats why, get back to caveman days with no RSS and all abt ‘accidental’ discoveries of new posts.. no pressure to check out, always full of surprises 🙂

    offtopic: damn, you *are* surrounded with numbers and DBs, hence no shocker in you complaining about that ‘number’ 🙂

  7. says: rads

    Pavan: Yeah, we all do a full circle eventually. One of these days I’d do that too.
    lol@DB. Yea, am sleeping, dreaming and even screaming numbers these days. :–|

    Baph: I actually do. This was in a span of 24 hours or even less..That’s what shocked me.

    Daisy: lol, Ive played various roles in my life, being called “aunty” wouldn’t hurt at all. 🙂
    San Jose eh? hmm.. in a way I wish I was there too 🙂

  8. says: mayG

    only last night I was reading something about how forgetfulness seems to be a catching disease these days – all because our brains are saturated.

    We let the world bombards us with stimulation nearly 24/7 we’re continually filling our minds with someone else’s thoughts, only to never find the time to think clear and take it slow.. theres always the oh-so-long list of stuff to browse through, finding time to be insightful is a dream..

    I wonder what it would be like to slow down, burn the to-do list, get away from the computer, put down the books and magazines, unsubscribe from feeds, Stop rushing around for a while.. I really do!

  9. says: rads

    OK: grr, did you click on that thumbnail?
    I was asking about how many unread posts your reader bore? 🙂

    MayG: But of course. The more modern we get, the more backward we become. As in becoming amoebic 🙂

    Have you seen the Geico caveman ad? For some reason that’s the picture stuck in my head reading your comment ;–P

  10. says: SK

    LOL @ OK’s comment ;–)))
    I have already told you Rads :–))
    I have to say this to BPSK, my Gmail unread messages is 12905 :-S Can imagine the junk in there, I prune it like pruning real postal mails.

  11. says: rads

    Praveen: 4 days?! I don’t open for one day, and the numbers are too damning! Start clicking :–)

    Rach: Oh my! *doing the un-earthing-a-lurker-dance all around the office* :–)

    BPSK and SK: You speak of gmail as I think of my Yahoo! account. *sigh. Such a travesty to use organized google account as junkyard.

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