just a little rain?


Since a couple of days there have been gray skies and drizzles around. Nothing huge and t-storms kind, just the whole prospect of rain showers and the anticipation of it. Of course it’s never going to rain like in the tropics. My children stare at me like am crazy when I talk about getting drenched in the rain.

‘Why’d anyone want to do that?’ they ask bewildered. It ranks as one of those experiences that unless felt is hard to explain. Perhaps even close to feeling hunger or even love. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I was allowed to frolic and stand outside in the rain getting soaked like they show in movies.

Madras is where I grew up. It gets flooded very easily, and I have no idea why. It’s always been that way. The rain lashes on for days together forcing us to huddle in, shut windows and dry our laundry on couches, beds, banisters, and anything that can hold a piece of cloth. The more days it rains, more clothes accumulate, and the house get engulfed in this heavy damp smell that irritates you after a point. Then the wildlife would be on the move. Tons of croaking frogs in the sudden ponds around home, water snakes venturing onto patios, millipedes and centipedes making a slow procession along the cracks, and then the snails, dragging their slimy goo looking for shelter, like their own home on their backs wasn’t good enough!

Books would get their edges damp if you didn’t hold and zip your bag up close to you. Or if the idiot next to you on the bus didn’t let you pull the bag away from the windows. The shoes. O lord the shoes. The white canvas shoes that we had to wear for school would get thoroughly wet, and we’d have to wear those again next day, still damp, feeling the chill running through your feet into your head making you drowsy and dull in the head. No hairdryers to blow hot air into or vents to place them on, so they’d get warm and toasty when you slip them on before you brave the cold, like I do sometimes for my kids here when it gets bitter cold.

Then there was the walk from the bus stop to home passing by stores with romeos of all kinds whiling time. A good 10 minutes walking in a white uniformed skirt hugging onto the bag in front for obvious reasons. Coming home to dry yourself and drink something warm. Getting to the homework ahead of time as who know how long the power would last. Then if the power did go, dinner would be had around candles in silence and try and get some sleep through the buzzing mosquitoes swarming all around you.

I miss those only fleetingly. They are good as memories. Some of them I’d like for my children to have I guess.

So in this nostalgic mood I turned back to what most do. Songs and music. Recollecting all rain songs that were remarkable for the mood they left you in. Not the creepy cheap ones. Am talking good stuff here. Sensual, funny, charming and romantic, with some classic, soothing music and poetry to boot. Rain songs have always been a default in Bollywood, and in South Indian movies. Some you cringe with embarrassment for the girl being exploited, and some you admire for the elegance to make a commonplace body as a work of art. They’ve also created cutesy romantic scenes, sexually charged ones, and then the ones with an army of kids following the main guys.

The beauty of the moment captured in all its glory, where there’s a cohesiveness between all elements, rendering it incapable to point to what it is that has touched your heart.

I list below the few ones that I can remember and hum now, from the languages am familiar with, and are my favorites.

Varsham: Ee varsham Sakshiga (Look at the guy’s shoulders!)


and Innallaku Gurthochana Vana (the most danced to at any events around)
Geethanjali. (There was a rawness about her. Very cute. O and I fought to get an outfit like that!)

Enakkul Oruvan: Megham Kootatum.
Karuthamma: Themerku Paruva


Mouna Ragam: Edho megham ( a classic of those times.)
Punnagai mannan: Vaan megham

Dil to Pagal hai: Ghode Jaisi Chaal
Chameli: Bhage re Mann.
Taal: Taal se taal mila
Shri 420: Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua
Manzil: Rim Jhim Gire Saawan


So what’s your favorite rain song? Rain memory? Should I be cruel and tag a bunch of you? Well, I should considering not a soul clapped for me as I reached a milestone and here I was writing fresh dirt everyday for the past 16 days in case none of you noticed. *sulk.

Oh well, enjoy! :p

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26 replies on “just a little rain?”
  1. O damn!! I’m so sorry! Congratulations on successfully writing through half the month! Way to go! Yoohoo! All the best for the rest of the month!

    Now, on the rain – well, I don’t really miss dancing in the rain coz, every time I’d try that, I’d end up on bed drinking ‘kashayam’ and ‘miriyala charu’ for the next one week! But I love watching the lightning and listening to the thunders as I marvel the rain bathing the world around, which I don’t really miss coz that happens here too. One thing I want to do here though, which I may not be able to do in India unless I go to the Himalayas, is play in the snow! I’m gonna do it this december. yay!

    I love the songs you mentioned above. The Geetanjali song has such beautiful lyrics. There’s a song in Anand ‘vachche vachche nalla mabbullara’ and ‘kotta bangaru lokam’ from Donga Donga that I really like. In Hindi, ‘Barso re megha megha’ from Guru, ‘Laaga re jal laaga’ from Paheli, ‘Aaj rapat jaae tho’ from Namak halal and a lot more. I’ve nonsensed enough! Here, I stop!

  2. says: Giridhar

    hey.. its raining cats and dogs in chennai right now..

    I always like to sip hot choc by the balcony and feel the diffused drizzle while enjoying the pour view. Dunno whats with hot-choc and rain for me. But once it rains, i run for hot choc immediately. πŸ™‚

    mmhm.. most of the movies thru 1980’s to 1990’s had only one theme of sexy song. Its to get the heroine drenched in rain/water/pool or any for of h2o with semi-see-thru nylex sarees.. mmhm.. i miss them the most nowadays.. wish that trend is back on…

  3. says: Priya

    rim jhim rim jhim…from 1942 a love story…and the antakshari fav, tip tip barsa pani..don’t remember the movie. All the songs you’ve listed are beautiful ones Rads and the ones Sthita has too. Drenching in the rain is really fun, somehow as we grow older I think the inhibitions increase. Now it takes a conscious decision to get into the rain, unlike when in school it was taken for granted that you will play in it πŸ™‚

  4. says: rads

    Priya: I sincerely think it’s more coz we are out here. If I were an adult back in India, I’d probably use the kids as an excuse and jump right in πŸ˜€

    Giri: Hot chocolate eh? Yea, for me it’s hot choc and snow. πŸ™‚ ..and yea, please call it Madras. Can’t stand ‘chennai’ πŸ™

    Stitha: That could very well have been a mini post! ..and you crib for material eh?
    Paheli song is beautiful! Thansk for reminding πŸ™‚

  5. says: maxdavinci

    I can only think of sleazy rain songs but then you cant blame me, I’m no saint.

    Thinkin of it, you cannot become a mainstream heroine without the quintessential rain-song. In bollywood to be counted in the top league you also need a mujra/kotha song.

    yea plenty of nostalgia in this post, I could visualize everyline except fro walkin with the bag in front! LOL!

    but then dont I ACK your effort everyday?

  6. says: Jira

    Rads..I could relate to every single thing you have mentioned here that happens during the rainy days :)I think rain is part of the nostalgia of all Chennaiites…

    I remember ‘vaan megham’ from Mouna Raagam and ‘chinna chinna thural enna’…

  7. Hmph, I’ve completely enjoyed your post-a-day!
    These are my two favorite ‘rain’ songs:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol4QgqQ0vq0 – Dagala lagli

    and ..and..

    ab ke sawan, shuba mudgal, i can’t find the youtube link for it!
    I remember how excited I was about rains in madras, rainy days and the related mannvasanai was my favorite thing ever. So much that my first rains here, I actually made the molaga bajji at home, till I realized the misty kind of rain is annoying.

  8. What sort of a Rain song collection is this if it doesn’t have the following:

    1. Pothikittu voothuthadi vaanam – Payum puli
    2. Tip Tip Barsa Pani – Mohra
    3. I Love you – Mr. India

    The latest rain song that i like is from the movie Raman Thediya Seethai – Mazhai ninra pinbum thooral pola, unai marantha pinbum kadhal.

  9. says: rads

    Daisy: yeah, I know. Munchkin’s dancing for that these days. πŸ™‚

    Naren: Yep, that movie had some nice songs in it. πŸ™‚

    Praveen: lol, no, Jyothika’s isn’t listed :p

    Dinesh: I totally forgot Sridevi’s number from Mr. India!! That was a very sexy number.

    Shmetterling: ooo, koli songs eh?! These days we are jiving to ‘Dariya Kinare’ πŸ™‚
    Shudbha Mudgal – Thank u so much for reminding me of the song! Lovely visuals, almost wants you to jump into the box. I can’t find on youtube either :

    Jira: haha, I know. School going during rains makes nice memoirs πŸ™‚

    max: πŸ˜€
    yes, you do. was bugging the rest :p

    Bookworm: I KNOW why you like that song πŸ˜‰

  10. says: Adithya

    Oh there are plenty.

    Taal se Taal mila, Vaan Megam from Punnagai Mannan, Edho Megam from Mouna Ragam,Nahin Saamne from Taal..

    I can go on. Madras rains? Not that experienced except that there were floods, apparently, when I was born. November 85. I can go on about Bombay monsoons, though!

  11. says: mlc

    in the tamil version of ‘varsham’ tt had shriya, she looks somuch bettr and danced w/ so much grace whn comparing trisha in this clip!! broad shldrs, yeah! is it that mahesh babu guy?
    mounga ragam’s rain song was such a favrite!
    rajapaarvai’s andhimazhai, though nt fully a rain song was so well picturised.
    idhayathai thirudaadhey’s rain song (gitanjali in telugu) was a favrite too and yes, that skirt was so hot aftr the movie came out!
    and othr rain songs tt come to my mind rite now r more ‘sensual’ than ‘nice’:-p!!!

  12. says: rads

    Adithya: Yes yes, all listed. You got new songs? :p
    85 eh? geez, are you a baby or what!

    bookworm: aaku chaatu – it was part of the decade event rt? πŸ™‚

  13. says: sachita

    Rain songs= revathi. how many songs did she lipsync in rain with a bunch of salwar clad extras dancing around a lamppost!

    But my fav. is this,

    I am glad that way you covered that irritating damp cloth problem:) it gave me a special high.
    It never rains in Madras, just pours even though it does so only once in 3 yrs. What with trees falling down, power being cut, timing itself right near diwali day to dampen the spirit.. yet i will always love it.

  14. says: bpsk

    Not sure if I am reading this wrong, Rads, but none of the memories you’ve listed about the Madras monsoon seem to be very happy. ;P

    I, otoh, have the advantage of having left Mumbai at a sufficiently young age that its monsoons have left only good memories. Raincoats, June, the earth smell.

    Here’s a few of my favorite rain songs:
    Namak Halal


    And finally, Lagaan:
    (yeah, there’s no rain in this song, but it captures the Indian’s relationship with the rains far more beautifully than many drenched ones)

  15. says: Apple

    Annee sooper songs…
    I also love “Gaali vaanalo vaana neetilo padava prayanam”
    πŸ˜€ Varshamlo Vishaadam….

  16. says: rads

    Apple: “gaali vaanalo”? πŸ˜€

    bpsk: LOL, nope, it may sound like that but no, they were nice. πŸ™‚ I guess I stayed on the everyday affairs than the more fantastical memories. Smell of rain. How could anyone forget that? πŸ™‚
    THANK you so much for posting Nayagan song. I was searching for it so much!
    yep@lagaan πŸ™‚

    sachitha: So true! She did have a few rain songs and she looked so elegant despite it! lol@pours. Yep, so true! πŸ™‚

    mlc: Shriya’s sexy, no doubt. I liked Trisha better becos she looked beautiful and sweet. There was a charm to them both. He’s Prabhaas. Unfortunately for him, he isn’t doing so well, but the guy’s got height and a lot going for him. πŸ™‚

  17. says: some body


    i like rimjhim rimjhim and most others already mentioned. i do need to add one that all of you missed.


    shame on you for missing this one! it so reminds one of the western ghats.

    – s.b.

  18. says: some body


    add this one to your list too … hero and heroine are no great shakes, but everything else in this song is great!

    – s.b.

  19. says: some body

    ok, i got a hat trick. here’s one more, don’t really like the picturizaton (i hate the jumping jack) but absolutely love the song.

    i should stop now, and hold off any more songs that i can think off for a day or so! πŸ™‚

    – s.b.

  20. says: rads

    sb: I knew the 1st and 3rd, but I do rem you posting the 2nd on your site sometime ago. Lovely numbers πŸ™‚

    bookworm: hehe, it was done well. Still remember the moves πŸ˜€

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