potpourri 8

There’s so much happening since the last few weeks that June seemed to have been gone a long long time ago. That includes the vacation, the trip up, the events around it, coming back to work and how crazy the last week’s actually been. I need to start jotting down stuff before they get lost in memory.

  1. Trip up to New England was good. Munchkin was quite the darling up and down, without making a fuss. Meeting extended family after a gap of 8-10 years was quite nice and a different experience. Everyone had changed and yet not changed in many ways.
  2. Visited the Boston Museum of Science. AMAZING place. Really. After visiting the Smithsonian museums a few hundred times, this was refreshing time spent. The height was when the daughter, after spending 4 hours traveling the floors and exhibits, asked if we could come back again! There’s proof that if it could appeal to a middle schooler, the museum must hold a charm. Truly left bad that son wasn’t with us then.
  3. Stayed a whole SIX days without speaking with son. It was a different kind of missing, and more than me I believe the husband fretted and wanted him back at the end of day four.
  4. The interesting part is though I can’t nail it exactly, but son appears “changed”. Not in a bad, or significant way, but just changed. I guess this is what they mean when they say “every experience changes a part of you, and learning from it makes us a slightly different and better person than before”. I think I made those words up, but the sentiment remains. Feels good, definitely.
  5. Sister and I in a frenzy to get my nose pierced ran to the tattoo parlor on the dot at 10 am. Only to find that apparently, they would open only at noon. So came home, ate lunch and then trooped back again. Can’t believe the husband actually humored me and stayed smiling through all the confusion. Boy, was there confusion. A set of family was leaving,and so were we to drive down, another family coming in, sister’s in-laws and parents each embarking on various discussions, with different sets of kids runnig all around getting in each one’s ways!
  6. Had a panic attack when I was asked to sign a long very legal looking document for the piercing. Too many risks is what I thought. Half chickened out. Decided what the heck, it was just a teeny little shot of pain anyway. Thought this smooth middle aged nice looking man would do it as sister promised, but was called into a room by a short, pudgy chubby young man who sported a mohawk, jeans falling off his portly waist and a yellow bright tee which had way too many words on it for me to comprehend. His ears had ping-pong sized holes and he had more silver on his face, tongue, and hands than the gold in Tirupati. His voice on the other hand was probably the most soothing I’ve ever heard. With surgical precision he dove into the skin, right after the guy matter of factly told me “yeah, sure, everyone’s nervous”, just a bit, not much pain, but it will” and “stay comfortable, it does’nt matter to me how you sit” and “close your eyes, and we’re done” . Phew. The piercing as such was bearable, it was the twisting of the end inside that hurt, and I did say a few “aahs and ouchouchouch” but it was over before I knew it.
  7. Come home to be welcomed like a strange being from outer space. The brother-in-law armed with a handycam, I had 6 pairs of eyes searching my nose and my face and the most inevitable question: “Did it hurt?” and constant approval nods. The husband just refused to offer any opinion and smiled through the whole thing. I even stuck my nose right up close and personal, and he just shooed me away “yea yea, it’s fine”. The poor guy. The stuff I put him through. In any case, I must give credit where it’s due. He’s a darling for allowing me to do what I want, and not let himself be burdened by it.
  8. Then got into the vanand drove home down i-95 in record 8 hours, with 3 stops!!! No, I didn’t drive, he did. On complaining coz I feel he doesn’t let me drive, as he thinks am incapable of it, I was quite strongly reminded of another viewpoint by sister and sister’s father-in-law. That point being, that the husband cares for me so much that he’d rather bear the stress of driving than put me through it. Yeah. Okay. The husband had a look of relief when this was mentioned aloud.
  9. Watched July 4th fireworks along with a few friends at the local High school. Drenched to the skin. The spirit once the fireworks started didnt wane a bit and in fact it dodn’t seem to bother anyone absolutely despite the crowds, waits and traffic. Seeing the enthusiasm, the joie de vivre and the sense of belonging folks exhibited, mom and I wished we Indians could do the same on such days at least.
  10. Realized leaving work early only meant doing 8-10 hour work in 6 hours. That’s a lot to cram in, but at least I leave happy. I swore I would never bring home work and I hope to keep that up. It’s work. It’s part of my life and it shall stay back where it belongs.
  11. This past week has been crazy and I’ve probably been putting in close to 70 miles a day. Pressing the accelerator with my right foot has only laid major stress on my right knee. It now hurts more than I can ignore and it’s only getting worse. Hoping to get rid of it in the next couple of weeks. The pain that is. The leg’s staying.
  12. 70 miles is driving back and forth from work, then shuttling daughter and son to respective activities, and then the dance rehearsals in the evenings running late into the nights. The days were running into each other and it all came to an end Saturday night for the performance.
  13. It was amazing to be back on stage again and the appreciation that flowed from folks who’ve never known me as a dancer before just added onto the most enjoyable evening in a long time. Probably the best moment was when my guru called me aside after the end of the show and said a few things that I would always cherish and keep in mind. It was a crowning moment and a timely affirmation, something that boosts a sagging morale. Accordingly, my foot and knee didn’t hurt the whole Saturday. Just proves that when you are involved and engrossed in a passion, the little pains, and annoyances cease to exist.
  14. Have set a few goals for myself, now I only hope my bones and muscles allow me to realize a few of them.
  15. Basement project’s driving all of us a tad crazy. I think it’s finally coming together, now to find a time to pack the junk we’ve been accumulating over the years a new home.
  16. IKEA never fails to amaze and always delivers. Thank God for the swedes and their sense of style.
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18 replies on “potpourri 8”
  1. Nose pin huh. I used to have this funky nose ring and three rings in each ear. Stopped doing all that the day i stepped into wall street. I might get a small stone for my nose.

  2. says: Priya

    Dance video unda? nenu chudocha 😛 I wish I had an Ikea close to my place 🙁 I now plan my trips to places where there is an Ikea so I atleast get a darshan…ma frnds kuda adi effective ani thelusukuni, “Ikea undi ikkada, vacheyyi” ani chepthunaru instead of inviting me to their place directly :))

  3. says: rads

    Baph: A shivering brown desi aunty in the midst of white, sure, I’d have been a sight!

    Adithya: O yes, people cashed in on the spectacle alright!

    Priya: LOL! Yesyes, Ikea’s heaven. Search for a job in DC area, we have not one but TWO 😛
    Video na? Antha sceneu ledu 🙂

    Boosmom: Funky nose ring eh? hmm.. well, sis into management and she’s the only desi at her place and she manages to pull it off. You should too! 🙂
    Rings in ears are no big deal rt?

    Terri, CW: Sure! Once I manage to take a snap of the offending nose in a less-scary angle. 🙂

    dipali: hehe, it was 🙂
    Nose is behaving alright, considering the sneeze attacks it’s put through. It’s like the darned arctic zone at work! :

    Naren: True. It is a large country after all. But then you are right, driving around when gas was a $1/gallon was much more enjoyable than $4. Still, we never learn :

  4. says: daisy

    sounds like FUN!! yes- I am joining the chorus to ask for a pic of the nose and the ring…

    I reallllllllly want to get my nose pierced too, but i am too chicken right now.. 🙂

  5. says: wickedT

    dance performance and no evites? no fair! 😐

    lol@ping-pong sized holes. reminded me of the tatoo expo i was at last year in San Fran, scar(r)y but quite an experience. 😀

  6. says: rads

    wickedT: What no evite? I even posted didn’t I? 😛
    OMG@tattoo expo! Seriously? There’s an expo? wow!

    daisy: I was a chicken too, but seriously all it takes is that 10 minute bravado while you sign the papers. It gets over in under 10 seconds. Make sure you go to a reputed place though. 🙂
    Yes, I plan to put up a pic, but as they say “be careful for what you wish for” 😛

  7. says: Praveen

    U sure have an eventful life Rads 🙂 interesting. “Just proves that when you are involved and engrossed in a passion, the little pains, and annoyances cease to exist”—how true

  8. says: WT

    uh oh! i missed out on that post…like totally. next time. 😐

    oh yes, theres a yearly tatoo convention both in north and so-cal.

  9. says: neha

    How hectic! And getting one’s nose pierced does take guts – I got it done eight years back and wore my nose-stud rather well – but for some reason this year, I just took it off.

    I think pain caused by piercings is nature’s form of asking for commitment!

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