baddy me

Yeah? Coz it’s an hour to dinner and I have no clue what am feeding the masses. What or who’s feeding you tonight?

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14 replies on “baddy me”
  1. says: sachita

    wow, they should really fear/respect you more considering the power you wield. do they realize your power?

    i just feed myself by going out to the nearby komala vilas!

  2. says: M

    Go for some Upma type easy thing…since it is panic mode already 🙂
    I am thinking of making something the sense regular dal-roti-sabji thing as this whole week I haven’t actually cooked much. It has been more or less junk food like Vegetable Puffs etc…
    The problem is I have 2 toddlers who want my attention at the same time as soon as I reach home. There were days when I used to come home at lunch time and do some prep work,these days at work it is crazy busy!!..I need inspiration too..really.

  3. says: SK

    Hahahh :–)
    I still have some time to think about cooking. Usually make something terribly simple, like spinach dhal, or beans curry with chappathis, which is DH’s dept.

  4. says: Kama

    That’s a very funny one. I should probably order myself a Rads too (can we order one on amazon?!) I could do with somebody feeding me. Argh, life when you’ve left your parents’ house and you’re single and you’re broke above that such that you can’t even go out and eat. Sigh…

  5. says: rads

    Uninvoked: I resort to such occasionally too. Especially for the kids!

    Sree: Oh, during such times I do more! Made bendakaya koora and spinach pulusu. 🙂

    Kama: I know the feeling, and I’ve heard it numerous times. I wish someone fed me too 🙂

    SK: The thing is we are a 2 item family. I need to figure out 2 dishes with rice/roti, if am not doing pasta sorts, that works for 4 palates (I’ve not counted myself as I am indifferent to food these days)

    M: I remember those days. Somehow, the challenge’s always been on “what” to cook, than to “cook” itself. If someone laid a menu out for me everyday, I’d be the happiest cook/mom on earth.
    Upma won’t fly unfortunately. Husband would be very puzzled and wonder if my clock was tuned right or not.

    Sachita:Unfortunately, it’s the case where one doesn’t realize the extent of one’s power if you constantly in touch or haven’t stepped out. *sigh.
    So, no, they don’t know. I doubt they ever will too.

  6. my husband always gives me complete freedom in “what to cook” , he would say “oh do what ever you feel like” !? – i remember, my mom used to ask each one of us in the family “what do you want for dinner” – we all would say “anything is fine” – and finally , we used to get upma – now, i follow my mom diligently ,don’t think husband is happy though.

  7. says: My3

    HA HA HA! My story exactly yesterday. We had baklavas and ambodes(masal-vades) made for my older kid who was taking them to a Christmas Party. Poor hubby was wandering around wondering what was for dinner. Little one decided he wanted to eat a bagel with cream cheese. So, end result, made uppmao for hubby which is his all time favorite food, bagels and baklava for little one and me with persimmons for all :-). All in all, a perfectly balanced dinner in my opinion! Sunday through Thursday are the best days as it is usually anna-saaru-palya and variations thereof. Friday and Saturdays are when I have to crack my head trying to make something “fun” 🙂

    Stay warm and enjoy the snow. It is a winter wonderland for us and our BIG snowstorm is only next week 🙂

  8. says: A&N

    yesterday – sambar, rice, alu methi, capsicum raitha, ice cream, pickle – cooked by some friend

    Today – pizza with board games at another friend’s

  9. says: perplexed

    just going through all your posts! you really should start blogging again..

    I feed myself… usually with nothing but since I started falling sick its bread with cheese, bread with chilli sauce, bread with jam, bread with peanut butter.. you get the drift..

    I miss my mommy!!!! 🙁

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