aja soniye, baingan and baltimore

my lil one went on her first 3 hour far away field trip to the baltimore harbor and aquarium. it’s 10 pm, and i can hear muffled voices stealing precious moments away from the heavy eyelids. i am sleepy myself, but after all the struggle to set this up and running, i need to put a few things down.

DH got dinner while i hauled the 2 and went to try choreographing the last 30 secs of aja soniye. they all did such a fine job, and why wouldnt they anyway- theyve been at this for so many years. This almost seems like the highlight of their hurried slowly getting complicated lives. it’s so nice to see them all grow up together – an affinity in a far away land, closer than family and thicker than blood. 🙂

have a busy weekend ahead…..

reminder to self – start taking more pictures. the kids are growing up too fast…..

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