A Quote: Faith {Blogathon}

Faith: Something I’ve always believed in. Sub-sconsicoulsy all along, and more cosciously over the past couple of years. I falter. I am not perfect, and am a flawed human after all, but when I find my grounding and my balance is restored, my mind holds on to the anchor.

It’s faith.

It’s the belief system.

It’s the anchor that holds me down when everything around me seem to go the opposite direction. The winds sway the trees and the signs point in all the wrong ways and the roads are all strewn with debris, debris from the noise that comes from outside and messes with the music that’s playing softly within.

It is not about faith in oneself. It isn’t about believing in the other.

It is about having faith in Life.

When you know for sure that life will hand you what you rightly deserve. What you are meant to do, and the road emerges, the right one that will take you to where you are the best version of you.

In love, it is knowing that faith and recognizing the power of the unknown hand that will do justice. In passion and work and in love.

Another embarking of a journey this week. One that will bring back many memories and all exceptionally fantastic from the last time I made this trip across the Atlantic. The high, the love, the happiness and the pleasure and the feeling of completeness. Unparalleled and amazing, it was an experience to cherish, one that will go down in history as a marker to all things I believed in, and one of the reasons that make me feel alive.

When something that monumental changes you from within, by the simple grace of thought that led to action, one cannot believe in further miracles. The complete surrender to the belief and faith that this will also be a trip to hold, behold and cherish. One that will only add a liberation and happiness and remove any and all traces of doubt, gray and murkiness.

Here’s to Faith.

Not in you. Not in me.

Faith in life and knowing that my conscience and hard work is clear, and that alone will give me what I truly deserve.

Onward we go!

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