of macacas, dancing, and more…

no no, am not going on and on, but then am privy to such information, that I just had to share it with all. :-))

so with all the furor on macaca, and hairstyles, and with Washington Post doing a cross-analysis on what could be classified as a mohawk, and other simlar styles, this guy seems to have catapulted into fame with just being in the wrong place at the right time.

For his part, Sidarth says he discovered his inspiration during a semester in Spain, where people pronounced the look “moo-LETTE.”
“It’s very popular in Spain,” he says

– Washington Post

Sid is a smart fella. An alumni of TJHSST, an awesome Science and Tech school in VA, one where the entrance exams and selection criteria can be extremely challenging, ot to mention stressful for both kids and parents alike, can equally be on par with one of the finest in education. UVA is another fine school – and I surely would know that! So, if that was not enough ammunition for a fine future, these moments under the spotlight could propel him into careers bright and starry.

So, who is this guy? 🙂

He is the son of Charu and Sekhar Narasimhan.
They are the SSVT couple. The Maryland – Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, where they have been active particpants, volunteers, and chairs of different committees over the years. On a Sunday afternoon, if you see a lady in a madi sari zipping across the halls, tensing everyone around [and i mean that in an efficient way] getting the folks responsible for doing the thing to do it right, managing managers, priests, devotees, and the janitors alike, that would be Charu for you.

When she’s not “running” the temple, she is teaching bharatnatyam to a huge number of girls of our area. For a while now. Ive known girls personally who have been learning from her since they were 7-8 yrs old and now are off at college.

Here she is.

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9 replies on “of macacas, dancing, and more…”
  1. says: madsies

    WOW! i am totally in awe for them.

    That lady that vaiyse itself looks so good wonder how she is now?

  2. says: rads

    hmm.. seriously? I honestly donno. I think the blogworld’s [and every kind of journalist] kicked up enough dust, and all the letters have been written to whoever they think have the courage or the authority to not let this go un-noticed. I doubt folks are going to forget it, move on they will.
    DC area is an amazing place, the likes of Allen are far and few, from what I see around me. Unfortunately, I think VA’s written off to the Republicans as far as the polls go.

  3. says: kuttichuvaru

    illa, naan thirumba vanthutten…… aana uruppadiyaa innum post podala…. koodiya seekiram!!

  4. says: RandomThoughts

    She’s really pretty! Must be somebody with a great deal of energy in her. May be dance doing all that magic!


  5. says: Anonymous

    I met her in person today and yes she’s so full of energy – romba interesting aa irundadhu to see how well she managed everything. I spent a good whole 4 hours watching Balaji Abhishegam – and believe it or now she was chanting slokas non-stop the whole time – in addition to making garlands, cleaning up scattered sloka books, giving instructions to people and seeing the abhishegam herself. She’s truly inspiring!
    – Deepa

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