Saw this movie last evening. [yes, we wait for DVD’s to roll out, no luxuries of catching movies on big screen.]

It was one of the better movies of Steven Spielberg, though I see that the critics weren’t too kind with his intense personal portrayal of assassins, Israeli or otherwise]

The movie was intense, and quite engaging. Set in the 70’s to show the sequence of ‘percieved’ events that happened to the Israeli atheletes murders at Munich, during Olympics. It was an era where there weren’t any technology infused bombs, cell phones, GPS trackers and the rest of the cool jazzy things that make killing easy. These guys had to do stakeouts, run to stop their own before they hit triggers, be on the ground to set off signals to blast bomb, and such.
It is a beautiful story, one which shuffles you between patriotism, revenge, anger, sadness, family, lust and loyalty. As you are transported through the events, you realize the intensity of the arab-Israeli-palestinian conflicts, one which is happening now, and has been for a while.

Seeing what is happening now in Lebanon and the Middle East and then watching a movie that takes you back a few years, you realize that this almost seems useless. Sad, and one that will never honestly have a happy ending. I may sound like a pessimist or even naive when I say this, but that’s just the way I see it.
The movie’s dialogs are quite powerful. There is an occasional surprise line that hits you with a depth and when transposed into today’s world, it still feels right.


Eric Bana does an amazing job, of looking good [he didnt have to try too hard :-)] and portraying a simple officer who is chosen to carry out 11 executions. From teh time his fingers shake to hit his 1st victim, to when he cries on the phone on hearing his new baby say ‘dada’ to how he makes love to his wife innocent on the eve of his expedition and then when he is plagued by visions, he does an amazing job. The character evolves to a point when he just has lost it all, and he yearns to retain sanity and continue life with his family.

Of course everyone else have done a wonderful job in their portrayals.

One thing that struck me was the names. They have such fantastic unique names. No, not the actors, but the characters. Very different, almost like velvet while rolling off your tongue. Fascinating especially after being in midst of rams, subrahmanyams, seethas, lakshmis, marks, thomas, edwins, and julias….

An interesting movie, and time well spent.

ok, just one more time….



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7 replies on “Munich”
  1. says: Reel Fanatic

    I have to agree that this was indeed one of Mr. Spielberg’s better movies … I was impressed at how well he drove home the theme that there are no winners in this madness .. my only beef was that it had a few too many endings, but that didn’t ruin it for me

  2. says: The Kid

    You too, like Spielberg did not talk about the real issue… Spielberg carefully chose not to take sides and somehow you talked only about Bana! hmmmmm…

    It is all about insanity of people… just like the way shown in Catch-22, just like catch-22.

    The best scene was the encounter with the dutch woman, where they kill in cold blood and indecently leave her naked… and they come lose sleep over that!

    btw, they two girls were also really cute Ayelet Zurer and Marie-Josée Croze. can you put up their pictures too??

  3. says: rads

    reel – thanks for dropping by. It’s really unfortunate that people can’t see it for what it is.

    Pratap – well, as far as the real issue goes, skirting it or not doesn’t help me and I’d think Speilberg perhaps wanted to take a personal angle rather than anything larger.

    The wife is cute, though donno much about the Dutch girl. Thanks for the names, and you seriously can’t blame me for calling Eric Bana cute! :O

    Here’s a link,GWYA:2006-11,GWYA:en&q=Ayelet%20Zurer&sa=N&tab=wi


  4. says: Baliga

    oh my god!! he is so hot! ill give an arm, and some more for yea he hot. ok now tht we got tht out of the way ;)i thought the movie was ok.. then again maybe im not exactly the movie buff to compare and contrast films.. u seen syriana?

  5. says: rads

    KC – see it when you are a little upset about the the situation in Middle-east, will sink in better 🙂

    Archana – yes. The dude is hot hot! :-))
    Syriana is a whole new level, parts of which went zoom past me at great speeds. Even George Clooney’s presence didn’t do much for me! It was quite intense though…

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