Being on various cold medications since the first weekend of October has its repercussions. Broncho dilators, as sweet as their original call of duty is, inadvertently are also vaso constrictors. Less blood flowing around leaves one feeling drained and sapped out. Breathing shallow or  not, while the antibiotic fights valiantly at the plethora of bacteria festering inside your sinuses, the body succumbs to all those gears shifting inside.

War will take its captives in all forms.

The physical line of defense, the drain from the limbs, the voice, the eyes, and ultimately the mind.

The mind still thinking it’s the boss of it all, continues to trick itself.

Humor chugs along till it gives up too.

I drove in to work today and after scavenging remnants of energy from the some hidden pockets, and hoping that a little creative surge would help propel things along, I now sit here tapping slowly at the keys.

Am drained.

I feel the need to give up. Holding on is just not much of a challenge anymore.

Physically at all that bind me down to this life, and emotionally on all whom I hold on to dearly.

..and I thought only viruses could do that to you! This bacteria seems quite virulent.

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