Alright, so you see that picture of that delicious looking Indonesian Peanut saute? That was my lunch a few days back.
Indo peanut saute
I hop over to Noodles and Co, and order my usual. It’s always mostly either this or Pad Thai. I also add “make it spicy”. The lovely lady nods and I hand in my card.
She says “Name?”
Me: “Put me down as Rads
She: *Suspiciously looks at me and then the card and then back at me.*
Me: *I raise an eyebrow.*
She: “Is it okay if I put in the name on the card?”
Me: “Sure, as long as you can say it right?”
She: “Yeah.” *dutifully types in my 7 letter – distinctly difficult or so it seemed – name.*
The labored typing and the glancing back and forth between the keyboard and the card gave it all away. That’s how I knew. Just saying, in case you were wondering.
I wait along with a colleague. She’s ordered the same dish too. A Russian originally, being with me for 3 years has made her palate more Indian than Russian. Yes, am proud. Noodles lady #2 walks up to the counter where there are 4 of us waiting, including one older lady with a mop of auburn hair in the style of Katherine Hepburn, and a young gentleman who looked like he graduated school over the summer.
She: *dragging every syllable out in the most painful excruciating way possible*
Me: “Er, Rads?”
She: *Blinks. raises the bag and asks me to read off the bill.*
Me: I read and then say “Yea, that’s me. It really isn’t that hard?!” *saying it out slowly*
She: Gives me a snicker that almost amounts to saying “do I look like I care?” ..and then says aloud “Indonesian?
Me: Excuse me? No, no, Indian.
She: eh?
Me: eh?
She: “I meant the dish, you ordered; Indonesian Peanut Saute?”
Me: Going very red that outshone the pink shirt I wore and grit my teeth and say “yes
I scuttle away with a shred of whatever dignity I could manage to scoop from the floor, knowing full well that the kid’s laughing behind my back, and the Noodles lady’s filed this memory away in the *weird customers that I have to deal with on a daily basis and all I get is $10fikkinbucks* club folder, so she could regale them all which she’d meet in the evening.
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16 replies on “indo-what?”
  1. says: Reader

    Hilarious! Reminds me of an incident that happened at work. To save people the trouble of saying my 8 alphabet first name and the the 12 alphabet last name, I always introduce myself by my first name and when people ask me what my last name is, I tell them- “its long, just call me ‘fistname'”. So one day when a new hire asks me so what exactly is my last name, I tell him the same and he tries to look me up on the email with ‘firstname’ and last name Long! (like Ms Long!)
    This ought to go to ‘Humour in Uniform’.

  2. says: Pavan

    That’s why, I *insist* on using easy-to-call names, like Superman/Spiderman- It was my longing to be called so publicly.. imagine the fun when they announce “Spiderman, your order is ready:”

    1. says: rads

      er, who are you? Do I know you? What kinda new blog is that?

      Though I must admit being called “batwoman” or “catwoman” does sound exciting.. *wondering what else she can name herself*

  3. says: Kama

    Muahahahah! I can’t help but laugh, for the simple reason that I use the same tactics!

    What you didn’t consider is that maybe that person has a blog about “encounters with weird customers” and maybe that anecdote is up on a blog from her point of view!

    1. says: rads

      lol, seeing yoru excitement, am sure you’d suggest it to her even if she didn’t come up with it by now! :p

      ..but that should make an interesting blog rt? Like Waiter’s Rant, before he got all famous?

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