New Exciting Things On The Blog This April

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A couple of exciting things are brewing on my blog here and I wanted to share with you, so you know what to expect.

First off, am doing the April blogathon –

the A to Z Challenge that I mentioned previously in this post. What is also exciting is that I will be posting a recipe a day, mainly low carb and keto along with other fitness and fun stuff as I count down the alphabet.

So for example:

A could be an asparagus recipe.

B could be about how I make my bulletproof coffee. Or maybe It’s about beans. You see how it goes?

Earlier I’d imagined I would just write, now I’ve upped the challenge and am throwing in a recipe every single day. I mean, if it’s X, am quite unsure what I would write about or if there is a vegetable out there that can fit that bill, and those days, am going to neatly segway out to other fun recipes!

April blog recipes everyday #vegketobyrads

It’s exciting and folks have been messaging me since I announced on Instagram and it promises to be a good month. It’s a double whammy of work, and am also traveling not just once, but twice within the month! So thinking, planning, writing up the posts and then making the food and the pictures and scheduling the posts will get overwhelming for sure. Plus, all the other mom stuff that I have signed up for over the month, I need all the luck and patience I can muster.

I would really appreciate if you can holler and drop me a comment and some feedback if you do use any of the recipes I post. Would encourage me to do better?


Coming to the next big news!

Plenty folks have over the past year asked me why and if I have discontinued featuring women who make a difference. It was wildly popular (if I say so myself, the hits alone were crazy for a fledgling blog –, people loved reading about simple, ordinary woman who showed grace, strength, and passion under their own circumstances. Hop on there if you’d like to read more, while I’ll eventually compile it all together soon once I get some breathing room.

It fell through coz I got busy among other things (health being a huge driver) and primarily even the few women I approached didn’t want to be featured! Can you believe that?!

So many accomplished women are incredibly humble and shy! Humility is all good, but shying away from what you truly are and to accept yourself in all your glory is a learned skill. I hope this little spotlight will bring an awareness within ourselves and how we see other women.

I have a more concrete version of where I want to go with this and why I want to do this. Plus, enough folks asked why I quit highlighting stories of women and girls who make a difference in some way, enough to make me feel guilty. It seemed to be something folks were enjoying, so it seemed only fair to take that effort again. Plus the timing: what with the world and society taking a sharp turn and the need of the hour is to not mellow down but to aggressively push through and assert our rights and privileges, hence, here I am.

It becomes our duty and responsibility to send that elevator down once we reach a higher place. This series is a small elevator coming down to you, if you so choose to get on.

Hope it makes a difference to a few of you. There is much goodness and grace and especially under pressure out there, and am only grateful that I have the opportunity and the means to also be able to bring this forward to you.

Wednesday wonder woman series blog



The first one is spectacular. It’s posted right up after this, so do stop by and read about how cool they are and what they do. feedback’s always welcome! 🙂

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  1. Hey congrats for all the challenge and I am sure you will nail it. You have a cool and neatly organized blog:) It looks very professional in terms of content.

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