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I click a lot of pictures, with my iPhone. Then I go meddle with that picture. Edit it, take it through some cute lovely apps and I say Tada, at some point and I do that on Instagram. 

Since am stuck in bed, am doing a few things to keep me sane. More like keeping everyone around me sane by keeping me sane, coz it’s hard as it is for anyone to be bound to bed, but for folks like me who are always doing something, it’s worse.

So apart from reading and watching and learning and taking pictures sitting from this bed and with not much of a vantage point and scenic view I am challenging myself to do some monthly photo challenges that make their rounds on Instagram or anywhere actually. I will be doing the January challenge

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.26.38 PM

and for that you will have to get on Instagram. What am also attempting to do is something called Project 365 – which folks do on Flickr as well, and am thinking this is similar,e except that it isn’t just a random point and click and one is hoping to improve picture taking, picture angling and picture quality in creatively interpreting each time we shoot and post it as we tag it #project365 (don’t ask me why it’s on statigram and not Instagram!) Instagram despite its popularity and demand and reach, still doesn’t have some things down pat, but apparently they don’t really care to move it up the list, coz well, folks are managing just fine figuring out workarounds. So.

Anyways, what am attempting to do is cross-post each project 365 post – picture on to my photo blog. That space is neglected enough and this would be a good way to revive it! I like to post a picture and have a commentary on it, and frankly a tumblr would be great  and here is where they will get posted – on TUMBLR.  Only coz I saw the hashtags and boy, that space is buzzing and any space is only as good as the quality and kind of users, so am juts going to go occupy one more space. How fun no?

So there are two posts for January 1st a nd 2nd on there and hopefully the cross-posting from Instagram will work like a breeze, (it kinda made me jump through hoops for WP) so let’s see what this has in store for me. Onward we go!


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